Vintage Amp Scene: 1973 Fender Deluxe Reverb

This amp came out of New Orleans and is a Katrina survivor. I’ve got a lot of sentiment tied to this amp. It belonged to a engineer/producer friend of mine who recently passed away. I asked him a couple years back if he’d ever sell it and he laughingly said, “You can have it when I’m dead”.

Unfortunately, he died and now I have the amp. We’d recorded two albums with him, and I used his amp as part of my sound. It’s 22 watts of awesome Fender clean tones and when you jumper the channels and crank it, it sounds like Let It Bleed-era Keith Richards. It has a big ol’ square magnet Eminence 12″ speaker in it at the moment, but I’m thinking about tracking down a mid-70’s Utah to put in as well as modding the tubes slightly to keep it cleaner at louder volumes. Really really really dig this amp.

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