Vintage Amp Scene: 1964 Gibson Falcon GA-19RVT

I found this amp sitting at the curb on heavy trash day in Lockhart, TX one morning. It still had the original tubes (RCA), the original 12″ Jensen speaker, and even the original foot switch was still tucked into it’s little clip in the back of the amp. It looked…hell it STILL looks…like 12 miles of bad road, but sounds amazing. I took it in to a vintage amplifier repair shop in Austin, TX and the only thing they had to do to get it functional was replace the power chord which was frayed and mangled. I used this amp at every show back when we were playing TC’s Lounge in East Austin on Friday nights.

It’s 14 watts of very clean, sweet reverb and warm tremolo at low volume, or some pretty raw snarly business at when you crank it. One of the oddities with this model is how the reverb works in relation to the rest of the amp. If you turn the reverb up higher than the volume, the reverb turns into this huge Twilight Zone-era sound monster. I don’t know how to describe it other than I’ve never heard anything like it in any other amp/pedal/or studio I’ve played in. I haven’t figured out yet how to use that reverberating darkness yet, but by God when I do, it’ll fit perfectly.

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