Video Scene: Songs about Food and Drink – Led Zeppelin Marathon, Brandy and Coke (5)

Led Zeppelin are one of the greatest rock n roll bands of all time and also wrote and performed an incredible number of songs with food and drink in their title. Perhaps they were gourmands of their day, way before being a foodie was fashionable. Now it seems that everyone thinks they are an expert on food. Everyone except my mother. She IS an expert. Don’t mess with Greek mothers when it comes to food.

Now Brandy and Coke is an early version of Trampled Under Foot, with Robert Plant’s raspy vocals, John Paul Jones funky bass line, Jimmy Page’s stellar guitar licks and John Bonham’s requisite drumming. One to be enjoyed whilst dancing, with a Bundy and coke.

Brandy and Coke (Trampled Under Foot)

Greasy slicked down body, groovy leather trim
I like the way you hold the road, mama, it ain’t no sin

Talkin’ ’bout love [X3]

Trouble-free transmission, helps your oil’s flow
Mama, let me pump your gas, mama, let me do it all

Talkin’ ’bout love [X3]

Dig that heavy metal underneath your hood
Baby, I could work all night, believe I’ve got the perfect tools

Talkin’ ’bout love [X3]

A model built for comfort, really built with style
Specialist tradition, mama, let me feast my eyes

Talkin’ ’bout love [X3]

Factory air-conditioned, heat begins to rise
Guaranteed to run for hours, mama it’s a perfect size

Talkin’ ’bout love [X3]

Groovin’ on the freeway, gauge is on the red
Gun down on my gasoline, I believe I’m gonna crack a head.

Talkin’ ’bout love [X3]
I can’t stop talkin’ about…

Come to me for service every hundred miles
Baby, let me check your points, fix your overdrive

Talkin’ ’bout love [X3]

Fully automatic, comes in any size
Makes me wonder what I did, before we synchronized

Talkin’ ’bout love [X3]

Feather-light suspension, Koni’s couldn’t hold
I’m so glad I took a look inside your showroom doors

Talkin’ ’bout love [X3]

Oh, I can’t stop talkin’ about love.


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