Video Scene: Exclusive behind the scenes of Apache by Martin Cilia

Today we have an new release from our own Martin Cilia – his version of Apache from the album Shadowman. The video was shot on set in Adelaide, Australia by Bad.

APACHE is the leading single from Australia’s King of the Surf Guitar – Martin Cilia’s latest album, SHADOWMAN. Inspired by Hank Marvin and The Shadows.

The album includes classic Shadows hits like Apache, Wonderful Land and The Rise & Fall of Flingle Bunt mixed with Martin’s own Shadows-influenced music.

We also have an exclusive behind the scenes gallery of the video in progress.

About Shadowman

Growing up in the early 60s in England, I have vivid memories of grainy black and white, small-screen television images of The Shadows, their tailored grey suits, their co-ordinated “Shadows’ Walk” dance steps, their smiling faces, and somehow I always knew Hank’s guitar was red.

However, most of all, it was the music, and their sound. I was totally captivated.

And have been ever since.

Their music inspired me and gave me permission to be a guitarist. Without them, it is hard to know what I would be doing now. Their music has been a constant for me.

I was also inspired by their songwriting and the compositions of Jerry Lordan.


This album contains some of their wonderful tracks and some of my own, clearly inspired by Hank, Bruce, Brian, Tony, Jet and the rest of the wonderful musicians that were The Shadows.

Track Listing

  1. 1960
  2. Cry For A Shadow
  3. Christmas in July
  4. The Rise and Fall of Flingle Bunt – Featuring Mental As Anything
  5. Los Spaniard
  6. Bombora
  7. Marvin Bay
  8. Going to Kaleponi
  9. Night Star
  10. Shindig
  11. Nitram
  12. Wonderful Land
  13. This Boy
  14. Twilight Surfer
  15. Apache
  16. Eleanor Rigby

You can buy the album here.

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