Star Scene: John Sankey

October 15, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

John Sankey’s scene is music. The drummer of Devil You Know states, “Music is my scene that’s it, that’s all I do. There’s nothing else. When I get some down time, cricket and footy, hanging […]

Star Scene: Jerry Only

September 16, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Jerry Only’s scene is a workaholic’s scene. The founding member of The Misfits explains: “I’m a workaholic, so trying to do everything at once seems to be my goal. I get up and work at […]

Star Scene: Dale Stewart

June 29, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Aside from making and playing music in the multi-platinum alt-rock band SEETHER, Dale Stewart’s first love is “going fast, whether it’s motorcycles or cars, sports cars, race bikes. I suppose that is my other passion, […]

Star Scene: Chad Butler

March 26, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Chad Butler, drummer and one of the founding members of alternative rock band Switchfoot, acknowledges the impact music and surf has always had in his life. “Growing up, music and surfing kept me out of […]

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