Scene News

Scene News: John McAll’s “Black Money” show at Bird’s Basement, April 22nd

Taking a break from Producing The latest Black Sorrows album and an ever increasingly International touring schedule John McAll will release his latest Album ” Secular”. The third in a trilogy.

“Black Money” the first was recorded in NYC at Bennetts Studios and was released in Australia to sold out shows and great acclaim. The second “Alter Ego” was recorded and produced by Mal Stanley for ABCs Jazztrack. […]

Scene News

Scene News: New Year’s Eve at MEMO Music Hall featuring The Black Sorrows with Vika and Linda Bull

The Black Sorrows continue to be one of Australia’s most enduring touring bands.

From humble beginnings playing inner-city cafes around Melbourne and selling albums from the boot of a car, Joe Camilleri transformed the band into one of the most sophisticated ensembles in the country.

For 30 years, the glorious voices of Vika and Linda Bull have comprised one of the most distinctive, versatile and emotionally charged sounds on the Australian music landscape. […]