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Q&A Scene: Plum Green

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour? I’m on my way around Australia with guitarist and producer Daniel Cross and other friends to present my new album ‘Karma’ which will be available on vinyl […]

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Q&A Scene

Q&A Scene: Our top 10 favourite Q&As for 2015

Blackie http://mandyh30.sg-host.com/qa-scene-blackie/ What’s your scene? Don’t have one.. Dave Warner http://mandyh30.sg-host.com/qa-scene-dave-warner/ What’s your scene? I’m in with the Out-Crowd Jennifer Kingwell http://mandyh30.sg-host.com/qa-scene-jennifer-kingwell/ What’s your scene? Where riot grrrl punk, cabaret love and art music collide. […]