February 25, 2020 Mary Boukouvalas

Tell us about your ‘Slut Power’ Single? Sure. It’s about the insidious nature of violence against women, about the policing of women’s behaviour, bodies and minds and the ways in which our sexualities are controlled […]

Q&A Scene: Keven 007 – Glitoris

November 9, 2016 Mary Boukouvalas

Tell us about your new EP release? Energetic, angry, inspiring, fresh, potent, full of empowerment. A rich pop-punk sound that pits grinding guitars and enormous drums against heart-racing beats, sharp shouts against sweeping four-part harmonies. […]

Q&A Scene: Glitoris

September 28, 2015 Mandy Hall

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour? [pullquote]We once had a guy come to our gig with the word “GLITORIS” shaved into the back of his head. [/pullquote]We’re a band of lasses called Glitoris […]