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Wednesday 13‘s scene is feline friendly. He states: “My scene – I like playing with my cat. My cat… My spare time. I’m so busy I don’t have time to do anything else except in between turn my band stuff and preparing for tours, I like to chase my cat around. That’s pretty much my spare time. I have a cat sitters. I’m too crazy about my cat to bring her on tour – if anything happened to her I would have to kill them. I want to keep her out of harm’s way; under protective care. Protective Cat Services.” [pullquote]Wednesday 13 describes his music, in food form, as: “Fried chicken. With finger licking good all the way.” He then adds, with a laugh, “And chickens are known for sacrifice and all good satanic stuff that parents hate.” [/pullquote] Wednesday 13 has a dry sense of humour, befitting of most Australians. Maybe that is why Australia has embraced him and his music. His influences are eclectic. Wednesday explains: “I grew up in 80s liking KISS, Motley Crue. Pretty much those bands I grew up with and then I learned how to play instruments. The Ramones, the Sex Pistols, to hair metal bands, to metal bands, you name it. My influences now are everywhere from James Brown to Hank Williams Jnr, country music. I listen to anything and everything and pretty much incorporate everything into my music these days.” Wednesday continues: “I’ve met Alice many many times. I’ve told with him many many times and he’s a good friend of mine. [pullquote]Alice Cooper pretty much changed my life. I blame him for the way I sound.[/pullquote] Very, very surreal to have my musical hero know who I am and take me on tour with him. He’s the only person I’ve met that [my admiration] actually increased after meeting him. The guy is an unbelievable performer, human, parent, family guy. I couldn’t tell you a better human that I’ve met in this business than Alice Cooper.”

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The latest album, Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out And Plague, is different from the band’s norm. Wednesday states: “Quite a lot of difference. I mean it’s definitely a darker, heavier record for sure. Lyrically it’s not like my past records. I didn’t write anything about horror movies this time. I wrote about stories and things I’d read about conspiracy theories and things I was into in the past. These crazy strange stories, that I’d never heard of before, were as frightening or scary as any horror movie I came across growing up. Then I turned them into a story and that’s how the concept came about.”[pullquote] I don’t know that I can describe my music. To me it’s a hybrid of heavy metal, hard rock, it’s punk. It never really goes down one avenue too much, or certain themes. I don’t know. It’s me.[/pullquote] Wednesday continues: “It was a fun thing for me to change up lyrically and sing about something different and also this time my band play the whole thing. I didn’t play the whole thing. I didn’t play any instruments this time except for like keyboards or acoustic guitar which in the past I usually played all the guitars and bass and things like that, so yeah we really had a solid line up over the past years and I think that’s definitely what showcases a lot and give it a different sound as well and we’re excited about working on the new one as well. The last one inspired us so much we’re super excited to start working on the new one.”

As for religious or political overtones on ‘Monsters of the Universe’, Wednesday states: “No, I mean it ties in with the stories. I definitely wrote [Keep Watching The Skies] about the gods; and it is definitely kind of based off what George Orwell wrote in 1984. And how now there’s surveillance cameras on every corner now, even your cell phone, your laptop computer, things watching you and spent a lot of time talking about another one of those conspiracy theory things I’d read about and so I turned that into the story on this record. So, the concept story, I always wanted to be the guy that didn’t do political statements. That’s why this is the record that can tell the story that there are a lot of weird, crazy things going on in our world that are definitely unexplained.”

“I think challenging in that I want to do more on this record than I have in the past. Every record that I put out, to me, I’m trying to top but I did that the last time too. I never say I’m going to make a record, or put something out, for the sake of putting something out. [pullquote]I love what I do. I love creating. It’s the only time I feel like I’m contributing something to the world so I take it seriously. [/pullquote]I think on this record more or less I want to be better and to take the band and sound after a new level, and I feel like we did.”

With touring, he states: “I love it and I hate it. I don’t say ‘I hate it’ I mean it’s just touring for long without a break, that’s what I hate. Touring in itself – I don’t think I would know what to do without it. Whatever? I come home, I’ll be on tour from month or two and I get home and sleep in my bed and relax and wait for a week and I’m like, ‘Man, I can’t wait to get back on tour’. It’s really been that way lately. It’s my home out there I just was so much that I can go to in a different country or a different state here in the US and I have friends in every state now. When I try now I get to go see my family my fans had become my friends and my family so for me it’s just like I get to travel around and do what I want and see my family and friends in every place I go so it’s no complaints.”

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Though he has had some interesting experiences. Wednesday recalls: “I had a freak out at a motel about six months ago in the states. I’m really surprised they didn’t call the cops on me I was just really annoyed they gave me the keys to a room and I walked in the room and it was already occupied with a couple and I walked right in on them and I was in my full stage gear from the stage. It wasn’t like in the best part I walked in on them like a drug deal it looked like. So I went down and screamed at the guy, and in my full stage outfit. Not one of my finer moments. I was just glad there were no surveillance cameras.”

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As for travelling down under, Wednesday states: “Australia has been nothing but amazing to me. And every time I’ve been touring there in 2003 Big Day Out festival. It’s amazing. At the time I lived in North Carolina and would be in crazy winter weather when I left and went straight in the summertime and I was like ‘wow’. So that was my first impression of Australia. It was like paradise because we just left is horrible winter weather and here’s this crazy Neverland sort of place and that was my first year of touring so here we are playing huge festival is in front of all those thousands of people and ever since then I’ve been able to come back and tour as Wednesday 13 and it all went well and there is a small army of fans that I have there so that’s why I’ve been fortunate have to come back and do shows there every so year.”

Australia is the fortunate one.

Wednesday 13 tour Catch Wednesday 13 and his Gang of Ghouls for three shows on the “Monsters Of The Universe” Tour.


Melbourne, Thursday April 14th @ The Corner Hotel
Brisbane, Friday April 15th, @ The Brightside
Sydney, Saturday April 16th @ The Factory Theatre

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