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Travis Everett’s scene is a classic 80’s horror movie, spooky stories with chilling twists, but not taking itself too seriously. He describes Witchgrinder like a movie, “It wants to entertain people and take them away from reality for a little while… For a few hours we want them to escape all their problems and just relax to have a good time”.

Witchgrinder is an Industrial/Thrash metal band that formed about 5 years ago, incorporating heavy metal with horror. The band mixes Rob Zombie and Rammstein with some Fear Factory and Metallica’s thrash influences to create a unique sound that was missing from the Australian scene. “We felt that no one was really doing that,” Everett claims. “We wanted to be a bit original and take it our own direction; to be a band that we’d like to listen to.”

The band is on the tail end of a tour, celebrating the launch of their new album Haunted. After finishing up their Queensland, Canberra, Sydney and Adelaide shows, the boys are ready to head back to Melbourne and Warrnambool for their last two shows. The album is filled with songs based on all sorts of classic horror movies. Everett is a lover of the classics, especially films like the Evil Dead and all of Wes Craven’s work. It’s not all classics though, as he enjoys the newer and scarier stuff, especially when it has to do with a serial killer.

It’s not just movies that inspire the band, as they recently toured the Ararat Lunatic Asylum. “That was amazing!” says Everett. “They took us into some really creepy rooms and told us the backstories of what used to go on at that asylum. One of the songs on the album is called When Devil’s Speak and it’s based on being locked in an asylum, so I kind of wish I had gone on that tour before I wrote those songs because now I’ve got a lot more information about what really went on.”

“I think some of us were scared. The bass player’s biggest fear is ghosts, so he was a little bit nervous going through it all.”

That’s not the craziest thing that’s ever happened to the band. Everett says that the most dangerous thing ever to happen while touring (apart from flipping the van once) was when the roof came down on them at last year.

“Some kids tried to sneak into our show in Warrnambool last year and they decided to come through the roof. They made it to above the stage, and when we turned to play a part, they actually fell through the roof! We were lucky to not to get squashed by the air conditioning coming down.”

It’s not hard to see why they’d want to sneak in, Witchgrinder love to put on a show and really get the energy going in the room. Everett says that the faster and heavier songs like Rigor Mortis and The Butcher, “Just seem to pump me up, and the more I get excited the more the crowd does too. They can see us putting in a lot of energy and we get to play with that.”

The band has a lot in store for the future and is beginning to make plans to tour globally. “I think because we’ve been together for five years and we feel like we’ve played Australia enough. We’ve gathered a great fanbase around here, so we want to take it to the next step and start touring overseas a bit more. We have already toured overseas, we went to Japan last year, but I think we’re gonna start jumping on tours over in Europe and the States.”

And that’s not all the band has in store, they’ll also be working on a new album, which should hopefully be out next year.

Be sure to catch them while they’re in town:


5th SEPTEMBER – The Loft – Warnambool

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