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Sebastian Bach’s scene is “High energy”. Known as the Original Voice of SKID ROW, Bach is one of the finest front men to come out of the late 80’s / early 90’s with one hell of a voice. He is considered musical royalty and a personification of pure rock and roll at its finest. Thus his scene being high energy needs no clarification yet Bach continues, “I don’t know what it is about me personally or my music but when I run out there on stage and the fucken place goes mental, that’s my scene. I have been doing this for 30 years and I feel we all know each other even though I don’t know you personally, you all can’t believe I can do this shit”.

Before joining Skid Row at 18, Bach states he always wanted to be a musician. “All I ever wanted as a kid was to be Willie Nelson was to go on the road again and play my music, and I got exactly that, even the same hair”. His influences were varied but states: “One of my biggest influences was Rose Tattoo. I am not just saying that because you’re from Australia. Yesterday I was on a long run and for first time in a long time I played ‘We Can’t be Beaten’ and I almost ran through a brick wall when that song came on. That song, and Rock N Roll Outlaw. I bought that album when it came out cause I haven’t seen men who looked so mean. Rose Tattoo have played for us. I love AC/DC too but Rose Tattoo, those two albums, Scarred for Life and Rock N Roll Outlaw, you can put on your phone today, look out, good rock and roll”.

Though if he wasn’t a musician, he continues, “I’m also a rock fan, a collector, I would have something like JB’s audio, like I love records and comics and collectable figures and books. I love art, that’s the culture I love. Some rock stars open up restaurants; I’d probably open up a head shop. I like collecting stuff. I just bought a vintage turntable, which sounds great, so when you ask me what I’d be doing, I’d probably have a shop like that but I’m too busy to think about that. I’m always on tour, my book comes out next year, I’m getting married to my girl. So I’m not going to open up a head shop anytime soon but maybe someday”.

After joining, Bach began a whirlwind career fuelled with sex, drugs and rock and roll alongside large amounts of touring and Gold & Platinum accolades, until 1996 when he ventured off on his own where he created acclaimed solo material and his various collaborations with musicians across all genres. He states that: “As far as rockers go I am on the young side, look at AC/DC. Motley Crew, they’re all like ten-twenty years older, and they’re like we can’t still believe you can hit those notes, that you can still scream on the stage”.

Bach has just finished an American and Canadian tour. He states, “We’ve just done seven weeks of touring, now we’re recharging batteries after 30 and 40 shows it takes a lot out of you. I mean you can interview Rush or KISS and they will tell you same thing. Very physical heavy metal takes all your energy, all your spirit. So we’re just getting some energy back. So fortunate to play so many gigs especially in this day and age, with the tour bus and everything. Now we are getting ready to come to New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia,

The 18 and Alive Down Under tour. We’re really excited. Melbourne has always been one of the best crowds that I’ve ever performed in front of, going back to when we played Guns N’ Roses 1993 shows. That was incredible. I did three tours of Australia on the Angel Down album and I didn’t do any since then. Not even Kicking & Screaming which was weird because I was told by record company that that album even charted in the Australian charts which Angel Down didn’t which seems weird doing three tours on an album that didn’t chart and no tours on an album that did. So we now have a new album, Give ‘Em Hell, and it’s been going down well live and we can finally get ‘Bach’ to Australia”.

As for the songs on Give ‘em Hell, Bach had a totally different temperament two years ago. He explains this attitude through one of the songs on the album: “Hell on Earth is how I felt at the time. That’s about two years old. While I was writing the lyrics yes I felt that way but I don’t feel that way about my life now. But that’s what music is, it’s a reflection of your life, and at the time I felt I was in hell and I wanted to give a little back, sorry ‘bach’. But I don’t feel that way now, so ive got that out of my system, and it’s safe to say that on the next record I won’t have devil horns on my head. I won’t have a halo neither. I’m in a much better mood in my life right now”.

Bach takes touring seriously, preparing for months beforehand. He has a routine of a “Set of scales, Journey, old Judas Priest, and if I can get my voice to hit those notes then I know I’m ready to go on the road. It takes a couple of weeks locking myself into a room, it is a whole process”. Now, for the first time since 2008, Bach will be returning to Australian shores as well as his very first headlining shows ever in New Zealand in September 2015. Though a solo artist in his own right, he still performs Skid Row tracks. His attitude is one of professionalism for his art, and consideration for his fans. Excited about the tour, Bach states: “I am blessed with a throat that can sing every night but I am too old for 6 or 7 nights in a row. The Australian tour is two nights in a row plus travel days, but I can rest my voice and sing properly and not do ten in a row. I’ll be doing all the hit songs you expect me to do.

My band is really kick ass: Brent Woods on guitar, Bobby Jarzombek on drums, and Rob De Luca on bass. There are so many songs to choose from so each night will be different. We have to keep it interesting for us too”.

Whether you’re a fan from the SKID ROW days or his solo material nowadays, Bach, who describe his sound as hot tamale, is ready to Give ‘Em Hell and leave audiences Kicking & Screaming.

18 And LIVE Down Under Tour Dates 2015

Friday 18th September – CHRISTCHURCH – The Bedford

Saturday 19th September – AUCKLAND – The Studio

Tuesday 22nd September – BRISBANE – Eatons Hill

Wednesday 23rd September – SYDNEY – Metro Theatre

Friday 25th September – MELBOURNE – Forum Theatre

Saturday 26th September– ADELAIDE – The Gov

Sunday 27th September – PERTH – Astor Theatre



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