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Lindsay Schoolcraft‘s scene is a carefree and caring one. The keyboardist and vocalist of Cradle of Filth acknowledges that her scene is still to ‘do what [she] wants’ but that doesn’t entail selfishness. She adds: “I also do my best to make sure I am helping people and doing what I love to the fullest.” 

Read what Schoolcraft has been doing in the last two years, and what her vision is for this tour and the future.

Hi Lindsay, I interviewed you two years ago when had been with Cradle of Filth for about a year.

“Hi Mary! It’s nice to see you again. Thank you so much for interviewing me again. I hope you’ve been well.”

Now two years on, are you still enjoying touring? Are there any on-the-road anecdotes you can share with us?

“Of course I do! This world tour we’ve been on is a long one. But I’m doing my best to enjoy every moment of it. I just had an incredible day off in Tokyo, Japan.”

How is this latest release “Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay” different to the previous albums – especially Hammer of the Witches?

“I think it’s been about the same and that isn’t a bad thing! We’re happy to see such a great response to the new line up works again.”

How did the name “Cryptoriana” come about?

“It was Dani who came up with it. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure!”

What inspired the songs/concept on this album? What was your contribution?

“I know that the guys wanted to step it up and really challenge themselves on this album and because of that we went a little harder and extreme. The theme of Victoria horror came up about halfway through. I did some singing and the speeches and got to contribute the piano on The Night at Catafalque Manor.”

What does a song like “The Seductiveness Of Decay” say about society’s attraction to death?

“I think people are obsessed with something they don’t know about and something that is permanent and you can’t comment on once you’re on the other side. Death is such a mystery. I think the afterlife is something we obsess about the most.”

What are your beliefs on the supernatural?

“I don’t think we should deny it because there are so many events that have occurred and are unexplainable.”

Why did you choose to cover ‘Alison Hell’ by ANNIHILATOR?

“I think it was originally Dani’s idea and then we were all for it.”

Which track on the latest album was the most challenging/rewarding for you, and why?

“The speech on Wester Vespertine took me forever! But Dani really had a specific character in mind for it. I’m happy with how it turned out.”

What, or who, inspires you?

“People who inspire me the most are those in my circle who are equally as driven and hard working. I love celebrating their successes with them. I have a lot of love and respect for Amanda Palmer too. I think people who are fearless, yet humble, and go above and beyond are just extraordinary. Living life to the fullest and giving everything to your art is the highest form of inspiration. And I see it in so many people daily.”

What were your impressions/favourite moments in Australia?

“Definitely going to the animal sanctuary in Brisbane last time. And also meeting and hanging out with The guys in Ne Obliviscaris for the first time.”

What can your Australian fans expect from this tour?

“A solid line-up of songs and a killer stage show!”

What is next for you and for Cradle of Filth?

“Once we get home and rest up after this world tour and the shows that immediately follow it I believe we will start writing for the next album.”

You are a role model for many out there – not only with music, but also with fashion. How did you develop your style? Do you design your own clothes/headpieces?

“That means a lot that you would say that! I often forget this because at the end of the day I just want to be an honest and good person and share my ideas and art with the world. I like that with clothing and makeup I can express myself and create pieces. I usually go with what I’m feeling at the time. For Cradle I took a lot of inspiration for the back catalogue of art and asked myself “where do I feel this look should evolve?”. As for my solo career I have some very cool ideas planned. I used to make my own headpieces, but now Hysteria Machine is so kind to take care of me. I also get exclusive pieces of clothing made by Plastik Wrap.”


What is your “scene”? You said last time that your scene was that you ‘do what [you] want’. Is that still your scene?

“Haha yes this still reigns true. I also do my best to make sure I am helping people and doing what I love to the fullest.”

 Thank you so much for your time Lindsay. See you in Melbourne soon.

“Thanks so much! See you soon!”

Catch Lindsay Schoolcraft with Cradle of Filth on their Australian tour starting next week!



Wednesday 9 May – Academy Club, Canberra – 18+
Thursday 10 May – The Triffid, Brisbane – 18+
Friday 11 May – 170 Russell, Melbourne – 18+
Monday 14 May – Capitol, Perth – 18+

Grab your tickets for CRADLE OF FILTH  here!


CRADLE OF FILTH are a monstrous tour-de-force of utterly distinctive but reassuringly destructive heavy metal.

Currently enjoying a collective creative renaissance that is driving them to new heights of elegant fury, the band  are more potent and devastating than ever before as they approach the release of their latest and perhaps greatest studio effort, ‘Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay’. Even Kerrang! Magazine recently exclaimed that they “have created a gothic horror that makes Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein look like The Emoji Movie.”

As they prepare to introduce these stunning new songs to their dedicated global fan base, CRADLE OF FILTH have never been more powerful or their excellence so undeniable. It’s been a long 5 years between tours, but Australia fans finally get their chance in 2018.


Read Mary Boukouvalas’ 2015 interview with Lindsay Schoolcraft here!

Star Scene: Lindsay Schoolcraft


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