Star Scene: Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde’s scene is “hanging out” ~ in her garden. Not quite what you’d expect from such a talented and renowned pop icon, but as Wilde explains it’s about finding a balance: “My favourite place is walking the dogs through the woodlands and being as close to nature as I can be. I find it therapeutic and a great yin to the yang of my crazy travelling rock and roll lifestyle so – I have the yin and yang of life, which keeps me from going under.”

Wilde’s music influences began early in life. She states: “My mum and dad were very young when they had me. You know they were only just 20 when they had me and my brother. So as they were growing up listening to music they weren’t that much older than us. By the time we were 10 you know they were still a young 30. So they were just loving what was in the pop charts just as much as we were – especially during the 70’s when glam rock came in. Everything else that was going on at that time too, incredible albums being released by all of the Beatles in their solo artist mode, and Paul Simon and Carly Simon. There’s a lot of great music being made during the 70’s and my dad was going out and buying most of it on vinyl and playing it at home. So there was a rich environment musically at home as well as dad obviously sitting around playing guitars, writing and going out and performing live and singing. We were brought up on Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley of course; but also Frank Sinatra and there was a decent lot of Tchaikovsky thrown in as well. But we had a lot of different kinds of music which made it difficult for me at first.”

Wilde continues: “When I first started, I was gifted an incredible pop tune from my father Marty and my brother Ricky which was ‘Kids in America’. And that kind of set the tone for where I could go musically. I suppose it’s like there are so many avenues on the wheel of life that you can go down. I think a lot of people get confused as there are so many roads they are want to go and then they end up going down none of them. Because there is too much choice and they get confused and I was at that spot that time in my life when ‘Kids in America’ came in. It helped guide me in a way where I could be involved with music indulge in my passion for pop music primarily. And let it take it where it would and here I am 35 years later – I’ve just morphed a bit more into a rock chick. But pop is still very much at the heart of how I love music.”

“I get very excited by a great pop tune and; but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love going to Sonisphere or Download and listening to heavy metals bands and thrash metal bands and it doesn’t mean that I have ears for all kinds of other music. Lawnmower Deth did a version of ‘Kids in America’ about 15 or so years ago and it was always my favourite cover of the song because it captured all the anarchy and the fun and the pure energy of the song; the song didn’t make the most sense in the world but it just seemed to tap into a wonderful feeling, and I see it happen all the time when I sing my song. It makes everybody feel great; it’s a euphoric song and it’s a bit crazy and it is maybe even a little bit silly sometimes. But it’s a song that people have taken to their hearts and so when Lawnmower Deth did a version of it, I thought that they had captured that same feeling but did it obviously in a completely different way. So I’ve always respected their version of it and when they asked me to do Download, I was over the moon.”

Wilde’s music tastes are not static. “Currently,” she states, “my brother-in-law and I have been really interested in in a Swedish artist called Frida Sundemo, whose been making amazing sort of pop and great melodies and she’s got a beautiful voice. I think she is just putting her album together now but she writes incredible ‘contemporary’ music -she wanted another word that wasn’t ‘pop’. So I love her and I mean it’s interesting now that there’s a lot there are a lot more festivals around than there were before and a lot more people wanting to have the live music experience. I think everyone’s OD on watching stuff on the Internet and on YouTube and they want the live experience. They don’t want to be at home or sort of completely removed from the experience and that’s a big part of it. So it’s been good to see that. I have had more live gigs in my diary in the last 10 years. The live scene that is very healthy and buoyant.”

Along with non-static music tastes, Wilde is not the ‘80s pop idol who sits idle. Recently Wilde contributed a new track called ‘Without Your Love’ to a compilation called FLY, songs inspired by the film Eddie The Eagle, her touring continues, and she has also been working on new material. [pullquote]“I loved, love, Billy Idol. I’d love to do something with him. It would be fantastic. I think there is a little part of me that’s still holding out to do something with Billy one day.”[/pullquote] She states: “I was approached by Glenn Gregory from Heaven 17 and so I went and had a listen to the song and I loved it and we recorded it that afternoon and then all of a sudden I was getting emails about how excited everyone was about it. We’ve also got the new album we are finishing and getting that released. I don’t know when that might happen. I’m really excited about it. It’s virtually finished, so we’re about to start going and seeing who wants to be involved in a Kim Wilde album and get it out there -it probably now won’t be until the beginning of next year- and maybe go to number 1 like Rick Ashley… even being Rick rolled – it didn’t do him any harm. Then I have a quite of a live festivals and dates between now and when I come to Australia. I’ve got a tour in Holland in October and festivals throughout you know around UK and mainland Europe throughout the summer. “

Wilde may even fit in some relaxing personal time. She hopes to “have enough time to be in the garden and have a bit of a holiday with our teenage kids.” Wilde continues: “They’re both out of school now so this is the next phase of our life where they suddenly get to drive a car and are adults and so we a bit of our time back again which we’re enjoying. Our daughter Rose is a singer/songwriter and our son Harry is a rock god. He shreds a guitar like no other. He’s a most incredibly gifted musician. I would certainly say all the evidence points to the music gene being very strong and runs through families for sure; that creative gene. I think there’s something very magical about that.”

Wilde is excited about the Australian tour. [pullquote]Kim Wilde’s sound in food form: “70 or 80 or 90 % chocolate which is pure at heart. They say it’s bad for you but in secret we all know that it’s very good for you. It’s not full of additives or anything superficial. It’s the real McCoy.”[/pullquote] She states: “I’ve been coming to Australia that’s I first came out over with my dad and we stayed in Kings Cross and I remember going to Bondi Beach at that time. I just fell in love with the place. I just loved the big clear blue skies and I loved all the shops full of koalas and opals and I just to me it was it just seem like a real you know the most beautiful place I ever been to in my life and the Sydney Opera House had just been finished built, I think about that time, in ‘73. I had never seen anything like it in my life. Australia made a big impression on me as a young 13-year-old girl. Then I started coming back in the early 80’s when ‘Kids in America’ was released and doing pop shows with everyone, including Molly Meldrum of course. Then that’s when you know started to strike up a relationship. We spent a lot of time in Australia; we came back several times – in ‘87 I came back and in ‘93 as well I came over and did a singles collection tour. Then I did a cover version of ‘If I can’t have you’ which did really well in Australia. So that gave me another opportunity to come back. I did a greatest hits tour in ‘94. Then there was the ‘Here and Now’ tour in 2003. And then the last time I was obviously was with Nik Kershaw in 2013. I’ve been all around Australia, from Perth to Cairns and up and down, and looking forward to coming ans seeing more.”

Wilde doesn’t only want to see the sights; she is looking forward to the reception she receives from her fans. “I’ve always had a great response from Australians. Australia has given me a lot of success and shown me a lot of love over the years and I really felt that the last time I was in Australia in 2013 with Nik Kershaw. There was great reaction on every level from the Australian public and media so I can’t wait to come back again. I loved the tour. Nik Kershaw is just sublime and it will be a hard one to top. Howard (Jones) and I have yet to sit down and talk about how we can achieve a great reaction but I’m sure we’ll have a bloody good go at it. He’s got an incredible selection of fantastic pop tunes and melodies that he wrote and I think together we can provide a really fantastic evening. I’d guess it will be an 80’s centric evening, but I don’t think that we’d allow ourselves to get to stuck in the past as well. Keep it contemporary as well. “

Catch Kim Wilde, with Howard Jones, on their Australian Tour this November.

Kim Wilde & Howard Jones Australian Tour November 2016

A Metropolis Touring and David Roy Williams Presentation

Get ready for a double dose of the 1980’s smash hits as two of the era’s biggest icons, KIM WILDE & HOWARD JONES, return to Australia for a co-headlining tour. thanks to and David Roy Williams. 

Mention KIM WILDE and peoples eyes light up. The blonde singer with the siren voice and girl-next-door appeal is one of pop music’s most dazzling stars. The French consider her the “Brigitte Bardot of Rock”; German fans still revere her as the sexiest glamour girl to come out of the 80s and in Australia she has always been very close to our hearts having charted three number one mega-hits – ‘Kids In America, ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On and ‘If I Cant Have You as well as another 6 Top 40 hits including ‘Cambodia, ‘You Came, ‘View From A Bridge, and ‘Chequered Love. To put her amazing career in perspective she has sold 10 million albums and 20 million singles and is the most successful British female artist of the 80’s! Despite being broadcast on Australian shores on MORE Digital with ‘The Kim Wilde ‘80s Show’ this will be Kim’s first performances on Australian shores in almost three years.

HOWARD JONES is described by as “one of the defining figures of mid-’80s synth pop.” A classically trained pianist, Howard Jones applied his classical skills to synthesisers, creating a unique sound and composing a string of chart topping hits. His 1983 debut single, “New Song” peaked at number 3 in the UK singles charts – more recently “New Song” received new life when it was used in a pivotal scene in ‘Breaking Bad. Howard’s first two albums ‘Humans Lib and ‘Dream into Action, brought Howard a host of hits including ‘Things Can Only Get Better, ‘What is Love?, ‘Pearl In The Shell, ‘Like to Get To Know You Well, ‘Hide And Seek (performed at Live Aid), Look Mama and No One Is To Blame, which reached No.1 in the US. Howard has sold over 8 million albums across the globe. 

“The shows take the audience on a personal trip through Howard’s 30 year music career” 

This concert is a unique opportunity to see two international eighties pop icons, KIM WILDE & HOWARD JONES, performing the hits that defined a generation, live on Australian stages. 

Australian Tour Dates – November 2016

Wednesday 2nd November – CANBERRA, Canberra Theatre

Friday 4th November – SYDNEY, Enmore Theatre

Saturday 5th November – BRISBANE, Eatons Hil

Sunday 6th November – GOLD COAST, Jupiters

Wednesday 9th November – SYDNEY, Rooty Hill RSL

Thursday 10th November – HOBART, Wrest Point

Friday 11th November – MELBOURNE, Palais Theatre

Saturday 12th November – ADELAIDE, The Gov

Sunday 13th November – PERTH, Astor Theatre

Tickets on sale via:

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