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Jasen Moreno’s scene is on stage. “When the night’s just going well and the band’s firing off. I wouldn’t say I’m an extremely outgoing person, only on stage. I’m very passionate about singing, I think I save it all up for the show. That’s where I let it go, that’s where I lose myself. I’m very at home on stage.”

Jasen is no stranger to the spotlight, after becoming Drowning Pool’s front man in 2012. “Initially it was a mind stop”, said Moreno, “I didn’t think that I’d actually get the gig when I auditioned for it, so when I actually got it, it was crazy. There was a lot to process and a lot of pressure. I’m grateful, but I was also very anxious. It’s a bit easier now, but there’s still a lot of pressure to live up to the legacy of Drowning Pool”.

One of Moreno’s first inspirations was Freddie Mercury. “Freddie is the earliest memory I have about being blown away by someone’s voice, and being driven to sing along.”

Drowning Pool’s latest Album, Hellelujah, is heavier than their last few releases. According to Moreno, this is “a clear result of switching our label. We wanted to make a heavier record since I joined the band.” Moreno said that their producer, Jason Suecof, “speaks the same language we do, and knows exactly what we’re looking for. We’re not pulling teeth trying to get where we want it to be. The shift in dynamic has been toward the heavier end, which is what we’ve been trying to do for a while now, and I expect that trend to continue.”

While Moreno is “proud of every song” on the album, his personal favourites are Hell to Pay and Drop. “I had a lot to do with that song (Drop)” he said. “It really speaks to me.” His favourite song to perform live however, is the Drowning Pool Classic, ‘Bodies’. “It never fails to amaze me the reaction that it gets. We build it up, we get people to go on that journey with us, and when it hits, it’s just reckless – I’m glad I’m on stage at that moment because it gets me cracking.”

It’s all about the live experience to Moreno, who enjoys connecting with fans. “I don’t like to be separated, I like to get as intimate as I can in a live setting. I like to jump down into the crowd, I like to see people who are having a great time. I like having that common bond where it’s less about ‘hey look Drowning Pool’s on the stage look at us’ and it’s more about we’re all in this together and we’re all here to enjoy this moment.”

“I think Drowning Pool fans in general are some of the most loyal people you’ll ever meet. There’s a kid in a wheelchair who’s been following Drowning Pool for ears and years called Adam. To see him out with his family, that’s inspiring to me. We’ve also done a lot of military shows, to see that, all of those things that they’ve sacrificed that’s inspiring. It’s been a rewarding experience for me, and something that I can learn from- the meaning of loyalty.”

Touring is a very demanding part of being in a band. To prepare, Moreno makes sure to focus on the mental side of things. “A lot of things are going to be asked of you physically, and you’ve got to be prepared for that. We’re ready musically, and as a band we’re ready. I think we’re just trying to centre ourselves for the gruelling aspect of touring: the airports, the long lines and the long drives.”

A very long flight is ahead of them as Drowning Pool head down under. This will be their first ever headliner tour in Australia, and their first show on Aussie shores since 2002. “All I know is that we’re going and it’s going to be awesome,” said Moreno. “I know that the guys haven’t been in a very long time and they’ve been trying to get back there since they left. This will be my first time. I wish it was a little longer though, we’ll only be there for a week but hopefully that sets the stage for us to keep coming back.”

The band love to bring the music to fans all across the globe. “I like going wherever we’re wanted. Whether that’s our backyard or halfway across the world. If people are passionate about this music and they want it, we’re more than happy to bring it to them. We’ll play on the damn moon if they will do it. The only thing that I’ll ask is that it be wanted- It’s a mutual thing- we’re more than happy to bring you the Drowning Pool if you want it”

Moreno is excited to see Australia for himself, “The guys talk about Australia and just rave about it, and all of them wanted to move there and none of them to come home. I have this great expectation that’s been built up. In all honestly I’m looking forward to the overall experience. I’ve heard that Texas is a lot like Australia, in terms of some of the scenery and lot of the attitudes that Texans have in Australia. I’m curious to see if that’s true.”

Australian Tour Dates

Auckland, Sunday 24th July @ Kings Arms

Adelaide, Tuesday 26th July @The Gov

Brisbane, Thursday 28th July @ Max Watt’s

Sydney, Friday 29th July @ Manning Bar

Melbourne, Saturday 30th July @ Max Watt’s

Perth, Sunday 31st July @ Capitol


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