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Danko Jones’ scene is simply “rock”. The frontman of namesake band DANKO JONES states: “My scene is, well, it’s rock. Hard rock is really where I’m most comfortable in. However, I’d say combing through record stores’ record bins”.

Jones’ influences are hardcore. He states: “I grew up getting into rock music and trying to find the harder and harder musics. I got into heavy metal, and then when I got into thrash metal, I found out about punk rock. Then I started listening to punk, and then I discovered Bad Brains, and then once I found Bad Brains, all bets were off. I just wanted to hear all kinds of music, whatever was good, because Bad Brains really kind of screwed with my sensibilities. I didn’t realise you can sound so aggressive and intense, and yet the next track will be a Reggae track. That was weird to me as a teenager. I didn’t get that. So I got ‘Rock for Light’, and that had songs like ‘Coptic Times’ and ‘Riot Squad’, but then it would have songs like ‘Rally Round Jah Throne’, and then to top it all off it was produced by Ric Ocasek from The Cars. I did not understand, and so I said, ‘You know what? The only kinds of music is whether my ears like it or not’. So I ditched the fashion, and I just went for the sounds.”

The new album A Rock Supreme reflects these influences – it’s eclectic but still so Danko Jones. The signature sound and Jones’ distinctive voice and lyrics do not get tiresome album after album. Jones attributes this to the love of hard rock music. He states: “Not to think about it too much. Just to go by, again, use your ears as an antenna. If it sounds good to your ears, then chances are it’ll sound good to the people who like the other albums. I love this music, genuinely love hard rock music. So I’m not faking it when I say I love it. So in order to love it, you’ve got to know what you love, right? I know when it sounds awesome, and it sounds rocking. So when we put out this record, I am just not nervous. I’m just excited for people to hear it because I know the songs that are contained on ‘A Rock Supreme’ are good.”

Jones confesses: “It’s not like that for all our albums. I mean, I have to admit in the past there’s been albums we’ve put out where I liked it, but I knew that not everyone might like it, right? So I think we turned a corner when we started putting out records with “Fire Music,” “Wild Cat,” and now “A Rock Supreme.” These are three albums, one after the other, where I’m just very happy that we did them, and I’m just excited for people to hear them. They’re just solid, from beginning to end.”

As for how the album will translate live, Jones states: “Live is a completely different medium. It’s just completely different, so you just play the song the way you know how to play it. Hopefully, if the sound guy at the front house is working the mixing board properly and you’re playing through a really good-sounding amp and a great-sounding guitar, it’ll sound the way you know it should sound.”

Australian fans are in for a treat as the band, Danko Jones, is back for their first headline tour in fifteen years. Jones concludes: “If you like the songs that you hear on record, we’re going to play them, and hopefully it’ll be a fun time had by all.”

Catch Danko Jones on their Australian tour, starting this Thursday.

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