Star Scene: Damon Smith

The Night Sky Is A Jewellery Store WIndow

Damon Smith‘s scene is: “Hanging out with my beautiful tiny human daughter, Rosie Mae during the day and retreating to the studio at night to create while consuming large glasses of wine.”

The Night Sky Is A Jewellery Store Window is his video series of live performances that encapsulates great song writing from excellent writers. Shot, recorded and edited by one person. That one person is: Damon Smith.

Smith reasons that starting this project was selfish, however his project is anything but selfish as it is already giving so much to the Australian music industry in its short six month existence.

Smith states: “Last year I started The Night Sky Is A Jewellery Store Window,  to veer myself towards a clearer mind through the form of concentrating on others as opposed to myself and my own music etc. As a songwriter and performer myself, I am obsessed with the whole concept that is the ‘initial process of writing a song’. The first airing of a piece of music to a virgin audience vs the performance of the same song years later after 100’s of gigs and rehearsals. [pullquote]The raw energy in that initial airing of the song can be breathtaking. The amount of tiny steps a musician takes from the conception of a melody and words to the song being sung by fans in the car years later, it’s a wonderfully delicate thing![/pullquote]

Smith continues: “Last year I had so much on my plate that I simply had to cut a few things. Being a new stay at home Dad, a touring musician in a cabaret show that I co wrote and perform in and an original singer/songwriter (amongst all the other things we creative types find our selves doing.) I decided I had to use my newly built studio for something other than myself. And so, I started out asking people that had inspired me along my own musical journey to come and play in front of my camera for this project and before long (and with the help of my wife when it came to the website) the Night Sky was  reaching out to people all over the place. [pullquote]My mental state aside, the project itself about exposing great music and wonderful stories and is completely about the artists, their music and the environment around them when they perform.[/pullquote] As a hobby film maker it seems crazy that this is doing so well but I am of course humbled by all the support we have had so far.”

Smith concludes: “The process has been incredibly rewarding in many ways not to mention I now have a reasonably good understanding of how to manage my depression (self- diagnosed) and OCD (diagnosed) amongst other things. Keeping myself busy and my ego at bay has been unbelievably rewarding for me and my direct family.”
Read more about Smith’s work and reasoning here.

 TNSIAJSW‘s live event is on Friday 13th November at Yarra Hotel in Abbotsford, and is a celebration of 6 months and 30 videos and features 21 artists performing on one guitar!

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