Star Scene: Chrigel Glanzmann (Eluveitie)

Chrigel Glanzmann’s scene is hidden away in the mountains and forests, enjoying the solitude that comes with it. The lead vocalist of the Celtic folk metal band Eluveitie (Pronounced el-VAY-ti) says it’s a wonderful feeling, to “you realise how small and completely unimportant you are… it’s really relaxing.” This connection to nature is clearly quite inspirational to the band, as most of their music videos show the band rocking out in deep within the woods.

Eluveitie isn’t your average everyday metal band. Sure, you’ll hear heavy guitar riffs and deep growls, but they’re right next to the flute, bagpipes and violins. This unique blend of traditional metal and even more traditional instruments started when Chrigel almost 15 years ago, when Chrigel wanted to combine the two flavours of music. “I’d been playing metal for quite a while; I started my first death metal band in 1991. With the years I also started learning Celtic folk music and have been playing that for quite some years. When I formed Eluveitie, it was just a dream I had to combine the two kinds of music I love and play.”

His journey in metal started at the young age of five, when a cousin introduced Chrigel to Iron Maiden. From that moment on, he had “been loving metal ever since”. Chrigel has now “toured on every continent” and lost track of the countries he has been to, but knows that wherever he goes, “metalheads are metalheads”.

“No matter where in the world the audiences are quite similar… sense I also think that’s also a beautiful thing, because it shows how much music is able to unite people.” While the band is touring almost constantly, Chrigel prefers recording new music at home in the studio. He says the studio is “one of my most favourite places in the world; I think it’s something really beautiful and magical. You have an album ready to go to the studio and you never know how exactly it’s going to turn out. You just are there and seeing something beautiful growing.” Australian fans of Eluveitie are excited to see the band return to their southern shores, and the feeling is mutual. “We can’t wait to finally come back,” Chrigel said. “It’s been nearly 3 years now since we went to Australia” and that’s “just been way too long”.

The band is pulling out all the stops this time, playing extended two hour sets. “We want to take our listeners by the hand and take them on a journey, pretty much through our complete discography. That also comprises acoustic songs off our acoustic album from 2009 and maybe we’ll even present one first track off our upcoming album.”

Unfortunately, this will be the last visit from the band with the current line up. Merlin Sutter (drums), Anna Murphy (vocals) and Ivo Henzi (guitar), announced they will be parting ways with the band.

“Musically, I’d say we’re handling it on a professional level,” Chrigel said. “We’ll come with this line up to Australia, we will put on our shows and every single one of us will do our very best to put on the best show ever.”

“Personally and emotionally, of course it is something tough to handle. We’ve been together as a band for nearly 15 years and I think this line up, with the three of them, it’s been at least 10 years. If you check our touring schedule, you will find out that we’ve spent most of our lives together on tour.”

The news won’t stop Eluveitie from bringing their unique sound to metalheads across the globe. Chrigel revealed, “I just started working on the upcoming album which will be the second part of the acoustic concept, Evocation part 2.”

Australian Tour Dates

Perth, Tuesday 17 May @ The Capitol

Brisbane, Thursday 19 May @ The Zoo

Sydney, Friday 20 May @ Manning Bar

Melbourne, Saturday 21 May @ Max Watt’s (Hi-Fi)

Adelaide, Sunday 22 May @ The Gov

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