Spirit Scene: Don Fernando’s Caipirinha Cocktail

Fresh from their recent four week European Tour, bassist Ryan Kemp and guitarist Jonny Driver from local rock band Don Fernando, going strong since 2006, discuss their new album “Haunted by Humans” best described as “a crazy stoner rock three headed beast” by the band. They also show What’s My Scene how to make an Caipirinha cocktail,  which they first discovered whilst on tour in Fortaleza in Brazil. Check it out here:

Recipes will vary, depending on how sweet or how bitter you like. Personally I like the bitterness more so here’s a recipe for that.


1 lime cut into 6 wedges
1 heaped tablespoon sugar
Cachaca (sugar cane spirit)
Ice cubes


In a tall rocks glass, squeeze and drop in your wedges of lime.

Add your sugar and muddle/squash the limes to get all the juice out and make a sort of syrup.

Fill the glass to the rim with ice cubes and in true Brazilian style (no measured pour of cachaca) top up with Cachaca.

Stir a little and serve.

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