Snap Scene: The Wiggles Bushfire Relief Concert, 18th January 2020

The emotion in the room last night at the Wiggles Reunion Bushfire Relief was off the Richter scale.

Emotions of heartfelt gratitude to see and hear two of the brave firefighters tell us stories and then to see their own welling tears.

Emotions of joy by parents who brought their grown up kids to see their childhood heroes – and not so quietly enjoy the show themselves.

Raw emotions to be in the room after the previous eventful night where original Wiggle Greg Page collapsed. He is now recovering in hospital but his fellow brothers/band members were brought to tears and for a moment I wondered if the show would go on. Very human touching moment, then very professional by pulling off a great show.

The overwhelming joy by all to experience the rock gig of the year. No wonder Australia produces great rock stars.. School of rock indeed.

Here’s to all the people out there who need help to rebuild their lives and the lives of our precious animals and vegetation.

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Wendy McDougall is an award-winning Sydney-based freelance photographer, artist and filmmaker who creates visual imagery designed to entertain, stimulate and educate. McDougall started her photographic career in the music business in 1979, making iconic pictures of iconic Australian music acts.

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  1. Oh greg i hope you okay you my childhood I can’t believe that you collapse on Friday night it let me in tears you are part my childhood I know that don’t remember the much at concert

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