Snap Scene: The Sunnyboys, Enmore Theatre, 18th Feb 2023 by David Pace

The Sunnyboys, Enmore Theatre, 18th Feb 2023 by David Pace

The Last Dance – Final ever Sunnyboys gig, Enmore Theatre, Sydney Joy, tears, flowers and a brilliant celebration of one of Australia’s greatest bands, the Sunnyboys, who went out in style on Saturday night at The Enmore Theatre. The show commenced with a moving video, highlighting the bands early days. It was obvious prior to the 5 members arriving on stage that the night was going to be an emotional rollercoaster. Richard, Jeremy, Peter, Bill and Alistair exploded onto the stage and delivered their classic, catchy, guitar tunes.

The night concluded with the audience and stage being showered by yellow petals and the band’s trade mark sunflowers being hurled into the audience by the bands friends, children and grand children. Smiles, tears and emotions all round. This was a very special night. A night that will remain in the hearts of all that attended as they listened to the Sunnyboys play their tunes live for the very last time. The Sunnyboys spirit will continue to live on through their classic tunes.

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