Snap Scene: The Tea Party with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Hamer Hall, Melbourne – 28th April 2017

A lot has happened between the time of the intimate gig the newly reformed band The Tea Party played at Melbourne’s Cherry Bar a few years ago and the concert The Tea Party performed with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at Hamer Hall. It would be inaccurate to say that The Tea Party members have reinvented themselves, but correct to say that the band has managed to reconstitute itself, reignite the passion of fans who were passionate about the band before its demise and has attracted a whole new fan base

Now the children of The Tea Party fans of the 90’s are discovering the richness of the band’s music, and it bodes well for those who believed that manufactured music and artists were the way of the future. Thank God quality has found an avenue to get ‘its’ foot in the door.

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