Snap Scene: Greedy Smith’s Memorial Lunch, Roseville 6th December 2020

2nd December 2020 marks 1 year of the untimely passing of Greedy Smith from Mental As Anything. Friends, family and fellow musicians gathered together in a restaurant in Roseville, NSW to celebrate the life of Andrew “Greedy” Smith.

Attendees included original Mental As Anything band members Reg Mombassa, Peter O’Doherty & Martin Plaza. They were joined by current band members Martin Cilia, Craig Gordon & Peter Gray. Speeches were given by Jeremy Fabinyi (former Mentals manager) and Keith Welsh (Icehouse manager and collegue), as well as fiancee Fiona Docker and her son Lyle Docker, among others.

Restaurant Salt, Pepper, Nutmeg put on an amazing feast that Greedy would’ve loved. He was a regular there along with fiancee Fiona and it was obvious that they knew him well. The place was decorated with records and KFC buckets. Attendees were encouraged to take home a small jar of chicken salt in his honour.

This was a special afternoon that celebrated the life of a person that touched the lives of so many people.

The day after the lunch everyone found out that Greedy’s 80s hit Live it Up had reached No. 1 in the UK iTunes charts. A surreal moment that lead to former members thinking it was a prank. Read more about how this came about here.

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