Snap Scene: Destruction, 170 Russell, 24th April 2018

Founded in 1982 the legendary trio DESTRUCTION reached the top of the national thrash metal movement, with albums such as ‘Infernal Overkill’ and ‘Eternal Devastation’ nestling in their impressive heavy metal canon. Even later works like ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ or ‘The Antichrist’ are glorious moments in thrash, highlighting why DESTRUCTION are part of the “Big Teutonic 4’’ and still touring the world with great success.

DESTRUCTION never been so fast, brutal and groovy, which is saying something after 30 years in the metal business! When a combo is still able to write high-energy balls to the wall songs overflowing with power and joy of playing after all this time, one can justifiably bespeak it as an outstanding achievement. After several personnel changes, DESTRUCTION have risen to the position of one of Germany’s most impressive thrash metal figureheads in the course of time – famous for releasing premium juggernauts of sound and notorious for their merciless live massacres.

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