Snap Scene: Descendants, Forum, 18th October 2023 by Mary Boukouvalas

Descendants, Forum, 18th October 2023 by Mary Boukouvalas

Descendents have one of the most enduring legacies of any punk rock band in history. Known for their early, defining timeless classic albums such as ‘Milo Goes to College’ and ‘I Don’t Want to Grow Up’ as well as spawning hit songs, ‘Hope’, ‘Suburban Home’ and ‘Good Good Things’, all of which fans can expect to hear on the band’s upcoming tour.

Descendents set themselves apart by taking punk rock back to its roots, and their music continues to captivate generations.

The band are Milo Aukerman (vocals), Bill Stevenson (drums), Stephen Egerton (guitar), and Karl Alvarez (bass).

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