Scene News: Video Alert ~ Frank Iero And The Future Violents Explodes With Confetti In Surfbort Starring ‘Great Party’ Video

Hot off the heels of a whirlwind European festival run that saw the band headline major stages in the UK, Russia, Ukraine, and Czech Republic, and ahead of the West Coast leg of their headlining tour in North America, Frank Iero And The Future Violents have just released a video for their song, Great Party. The song is a cut from their brand new record Barriers (released May 31, 2019 viaUNFD). This is the second music video to be released from Barriers, following the video for lead single, Young and Doomed earlier this year. 

Great Party stars Cult Records (Founded by Julian Casablancas of The Strokes) signees/the faces of Gucci's pre-fall 2019 campaign Surfbort.The video itself features FIATFV performing at a lackluster VFW hall, where the fruit punch bowl doubles as an ash tray, the questionable looking cake is a half-eaten mess, and seedy onlookers are looking for any way to inject some excitement into the night. By the time that the band takes the stage, the weirdness is amped up even further thanks to an ACME style explosive box of confetti that's unleashed, as well as the guests becoming further unglued as the night goes on.  

“Sometimes when you write songs for an album you have a hard time placing where they should go in the tracklisting, or what would be a good visual representation for them. Other times it’s like the universe opens up its playbook and tells you exactly how every piece fits into this giant puzzle,” Frank says about the new video. “I knew immediately when we finished writing ‘Great Party’ that it needed to be a single off the record and that we needed to make a video for that song. when I wrote the treatment for it I could see the whole thing playing out in my head, and I knew that our friends needed to be cast in it! I saw this weird gathering that you couldn’t tell if it was an AA meeting or the worlds bleakest birthday, and I knew our friend Dani from Surfbort had to be the one to light the fuse that would turn everything on it’s head. I really love this video, it may have turned out even better than I first imagined it.

With support from Geoff Rickly, Frank Iero and the Future Violents are in the midst of a headline tour that takes the the band through PortlandSeattleDenver, San DiegoAustin, and Los Angeles. The band will also be playing the Mountain View date of Warped Tour, as well as Great South Bay Music Festival and Riot FestBarriers is a critically-acclaimed rumination of sorts on life and living and the obstacles that get in the way. Recorded and mixed by Steve Albini (NirvanaPixiesPJ Harvey), the album is 14 songs that not only tackle the existential journey of his heart and mind, but help him redirect his musical path. idobi Radio said of the record that, "Barriers is complex, messy, and, above all, therapeutic. What better way is there to face your demons than with someone who’s been through dark times and is armed with a guitar and a mic?" Meanwhile INKED said, "For a band whose name is forever changing and evolving– yet growing together– their discography follows suit."
“I never expected to do one solo record in my lifetime,” he chuckles, “let alone three. Every time I start a new record, I say to myself ‘This is it. This is the end. This is the last one.’ It got me thinking about how we set up these obstacles around ourselves. Sometimes they’re for protection and sometimes they’re to keep people out, and sometimes we even set them up so that we fail and we find solace in that failure. But whenever I find something that scares the shit out of me, that’s when I know I have to do it! And so these songs are about experiences that were either walls I wanted to break down or walls that I’d built up around myself in order to protect myself. But these songs were also things that I’d never attempted before but had always wanted to try.”
Frank Iero and the Future Violents is Frank Iero (vocals/guitar), Evan Nestor (guitar), Matt Armstrong (bass), Tucker Rule (drums), and Kayleigh Goldsworthy (pianos/violin/organs). Barriers was recorded and mixed by Steve Albini and is out now via UNFD.