Review Scene: UNWRITTEN LAW & friends ~ Exclusive Kick-Off Party, Croxton Bandroom, 8th February 2018

Photo by Mary Boukouvalas

Punk is not an anachronistic genre. With its raw, unadulterated sounds and lyrics telling of corruption, inequity, war, disillusion, power and powerlessness and so on, we could well be in Thatcher’s Britain or any other country of people kept enslaved by unfair policies and discrimination. The anger is palpable. The polarised haves and have nots throwing angry missives at each other, with only art and music left to the emasculated as an avenue for their truth. 

Photo by Mary Boukouvalas

Yet this night was one of joy. Unwritten Law proclaimed that February eighth at The Croxton Bandroom was to be a ‘fucking party’…and a ‘fucking party’ it was. Like many of the best parties, it didn’t really take flight until there was a decent number of punters and a copious amount of alcoholic social lubrication imbibed. 

The support bands – each and every one Australian, and all except one from Melbourne, played absolutely ripper sets and it was a crying shame that few saw them in full flight. It was announced that Unwritten Law would play at 8pm (they didn’t), which led us to believe the whole shebang would start at an unearthly early time. Luckily the first support was only a little into their set as the hour of eight approached, so the few that had arrived ‘on time’ witnessed no fuss, no nonsense punk the way it’s meant to be. 

Photo by Mary Boukouvalas


Much kudos to The Drop Bears who loved the stage for all they were worth. Their N.P.D. E.P. was selling like proverbial hot cakes, (and is available as a download if you are unable to get to one of their shows).

Photo by Mary Boukouvalas

Wolfpack won us over with their thrash punk sound and their not-for-profit stance. With a soft spot for the furry, feathered, scaled and be-leathered friends among us, profits from sales of music and merch go to animal welfare. Formed in 2011, the guys have already raised more than $30,000 for our voiceless companions. 


Photo by Mary Boukouvalas

The Dead Love have a hefty legion of followers, their music sounding like the love child of the union of two genres – punk and grunge. These Sydney-siders were shown much warm Melbourne appreciation for their live rendition of songs that fans may have only heard on the radio or on T.V. Their new single ‘Ordinary’ was released only a few days ago. Listen to the singles on their official website and be converted. 

Photo by Mary Boukouvalas

28 Days are as brilliant as they ever were. The Frankston boys proved that they can’t be kept down as their brand of Hip Hop Punk Rock assailed our ears and took us on a journey at once retro but also contemporary and relevant. 



It was a long, albeit entertaining wait for Unwritten Law. Regular travellers to our fine land, Scott Russo and his crew feel right at home here. Russo, now off-the-wagon again, fits right in with our cultural mores and our musical tastes.

Photo by Mary Boukouvalas


Warming up his voice for Unwritten Law‘s Australian tour, and the band establishing the party vibe, ‘rocking the Crox’ was just what he (and we) needed and if you want more of what the doctor ordered, get along to a gig or two. You’ll be assured of a rollicking good time tempered with a touch of mosh pit stress relief. 



David Roy Williams Presents Unwritten Law The Black Album: 20th Anniversary – Australian Tour

UNWRITTEN LAW Australian Tour Dates

Friday 9 February – Melbourne, Croxton

Saturday 10 February – Brisbane, The Zoo

Sunday 11 February – Coolangatta, Cooly Hotel

Tuesday 13 February – Byron Bay, Byron Bay Brewery
Wednesday 14 February – Coffs Harbour, Coffs Ex
Thursday 15 February – Newcastle, Small Ballroom
Friday 16 February – Narrabeen, Narrabeen RSL
Saturday 17 February – Sydney, Factory Theatre
Sunday 18 February – Bunbury, Prince Of Wales Hotel
Tuesday 20 February – Perth, Rosemount Hotel

Wednesday 21 February – Perth (Northern Suburbs), Carine Tavern


VIP M&G tickets available


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