Scene News: On Tour Presents US singer/songwriter + YouTube sensation Kawehi in her debut AU tour

Kawehi (pronounced Kuh-vey-hee) is a new breed of musician – a Honolulu born, one-woman-band now based in Lawrence, Kansas who uses technology to carry the weight of a full band on her own. She describes herself as “Singer, Songwriter, Southpaw, Shit talker, Walks like a trucker,” and her Facebook About states “Who gives a shit about the how or why – do what you love. No matter what.” Amen to that.

It’s an attitude and ethos that’s working out just fine – with over 11 million views on her YouTube channel, Kawehi has been performing to sold out shows across the USA and has already been on three headlining tours.

She was seen and heard in the Super Bowl 50 commercial for Intel, has landed
in publications such as People Magazine, Spin, Esquire, and on the front page of Reddit. Elle
magazine has dubbed Kawehi “The Genius One-Woman Band” and Huffington Post has praised Kawehi as “winning the DIY scene.”

With eight Kickstarter projects already under her belt, Kawehi shows no signs of slowing down – she’s recently released a new EP – Boneyard – Vol 1. The second single from the EP is TROLL – which delves into some of the online bullying she’s encountered since becoming a YouTube “star”. Check it out.

Here’s what Kawehi had to say about the song:

“I have a love/hate relationship with the interwebs. The interwebs IS an episode of Stranger Things. It’s everyday life and the upside down all in one place. On one hand, I wouldn’t be here doing what I love for a living. On the other hand, it can be a shitty, shitty place. Until you figure out how to deal with it.”

“I took the ugly side of the internet – of social media, to be exact – and turned it into something that could make me laugh, could make you laugh. I took every ugly comment from my FB, YouTube, Twitter and made music with it. Because what else is there to do but laugh when someone leaves a comment that says, “I’d totally f$&* you and I’m not even into Asian chicks”? People are capable of being amazing creatures, but let’s face it – there is a horrible side to humanity that exists. And I’m prepared to go to battle with that ugly side – with humor, music and lots and LOTS of Jameson.”

Forthright, smart, determined, talented – Kawehi is an artist well worth checking out. Catch her on Friday November 24 at The Spotted Mallard, Brunswick, Wednesday 29th at the Grace Emily, Adelaide, and Thursday November 30 at Leadbelly’s, Sydney.


314 sydney Rd, Brunswick.
Ph: 03 9380 8818

232 Waymouth St, Adelaide
Ph: 08 8231 5500

Thursday 30 NOVEMBER
42 King St, Newtown
Ph: 02 9557 7992


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