Scene News: TNSIAJSW TV Show live in concert

The Night Sky Is A Jewellery Store Window

damonSince its debut six months ago ‘The Night Sky Is A Jewellery Store Window’ has produced a gracious amount of beautifully organic videos of performances by some of Melbourne’s finest singer-songwriters.

To celebrate this tiny milestone TNSIAJSW putting on a huge end-of-year show featuring a mind blowing line up of 20 local artists who, collectively, will perform over two hours of music on the one guitar which appears in the ‘Night Sky’ videos.
Held at the Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford on the November 13th, TNSIAJSW will also record the entire night for a future release.

Read our interview with Damon Smith.


Emilee South
James Kenyon
James Teague
Jemma Nicole
Mitchell Powers
Sabrina Mckenzie
Mandy Connell
Bill Jackson
Ruth Hazelton
Oscar Lush
Tobias Hengeveld
Anna Cordell
Ben Mastwyk
Brooke Russell
Dan Parsons
Jed Pickett
Nick Batterham
night sky

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