Scene News: Tickets selling fast for remaining Black Cobra and Jucifer shows


San Francisco’s premier doom laden heavy metal duo BLACK COBRA have been rocking their way through Australia, to rave reviews.

Black Cobra After two previous hugely successful Australian tours, their last seeing them opening for Fu Manchu across Australia and New Zealand and co-headlining Cherry Rock Festival, this unrelenting two-piece are blowing minds all over again.

With a loyal following the World over and two critically acclaimed albums under their belt, Black Cobra’s return will be a welcome one amongst fans of High on Fire, Motorhead, Sleep, Mastodon, Melvins and the likes.

To make things all the more special, Black Cobra have brought with them another legendary two-piece, JUCIFER, all the way from Athens, Georgia for their first ever Australian tour. This husband & wife duo give new meaning to doom laden sludge metal with a ferocity not of this world.1-Jucifer3byShelbyAmandaLee-300x200

Since 1993 Jucifer have been setting the standard in ridiculously heavy and offensively loud walls of sounds with their brand of intense crushing doom metal. Their immense wall of amps and ear bleeding high decibel volume has made them one of the heaviest and loudest bands in the World. And it’s something they’re quite proud of.

With both bands comprised of just two members, the aptly titled Twins of Evil tour will be one of the most epic doom double headers to ever reach Australian shores, hitting every major City in Australia, with a few rare stops in between.

If you’re a fan of all things crushingly heavy, definitely don’t miss these two KVLT bands when they come to a town near you!


twins of evil tour The Twins of Evil Australian Tour is proudly presented by Heathen Skulls


Wednesday 15th July: Melbourne @ Cherry Bar
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Thursday 17th July: Bunbury @ The Prince of Wales
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Friday 17th July: Perth @ The Rosemount Hotel // Armageddoom Festival
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Saturday 18th July: Fremantle @ The Swan Hotel
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Sunday 19th July: Adelaide @ The Crown and Anchor
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For more information on this Australian tour, go to the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

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