Scene News: The Last Chance to Save The Tote

Statement from The Last Chance Rock n Roll bar:
The Last Chance to Save The Tote?
Well, we might as well have a crack…
As some of you will know the Tote (the actual building and business) is up for sale.
It has an asking price of 6 to 6.6 million dollars.
In all likelihood it will be purchased by a developer and the Tote will no longer exist.
We’re not going to let that happen.
Leanne and I can afford (with a lot of hard work, begging, borrowing and using every dollar we have) to come up with around 50% of the asking price.
We’re hoping to sell enough merch, good times and a future to make sure that the Tote remains the Tote forever.
It will also be the last time the Tote will ever need to be saved because if we’re successful we will be putting the building in trust with so much red tape, caveats and legal protection that it can never be anything but a live music venue let alone sold ever again.
It will always be a live music venue for future generations of Melbourne bands.
We know that this is a seemingly impossible task but we think it’s worth it.
We’ve got under a month to make it happen and we’re going to give it everything we’ve got.
We’ve set up an all of nothing Pozible Campaign that you can click through to here:

This is it.
If you can contribute in anyway whether through by merch or simply sharing our posts it will be truly appreciated.
We’re truly going to need thousands and thousands of people to make this happen.
We will be adding more to the campaign as artwork comes in (thanks to all the artists who are working so hard on a tight schedule) and we come up with some other amazing things.
Strap yourselves in.
Lots of love
Shane, Leanne & the Last Chance