Scene News: The Dirty Earth Release ‘Ascendancy’

the dirty earth ascendancyThe Dirty Earth Release ‘Ascendancy’

[pullquote]The Dirty Earth: “like the love child of Suzi Quatro and Sweet, who’s been babysat by Rose Tattoo”[/pullquote] There is nothing so fine as a righteous blast of rock and roll energy, a white-hot mainline that shakes your body into action.  You know it, that moment when the guitars and the drums and the voice all hit it together, when your own space in the world lights up and the experience leaves a manic grin of exhilaration plastered across your face. [pullquote]With a brace of new songs, The Dirty Earth is one shit hot band that will rock and roll your today and all your tomorrows.[/pullquote] The Dirty Earth do that, it’s their mission. This band play music so they can break free and fly, hit that space. C’mon, join their Rock And Soul journey.

A strong followup to their well received album of 2014 Autonomic, now Ascendancy promises to widen the band’s appeal with a more modern twist on their retro alternative sound.

the dirty earth 3Comparisons have already been made to Jack White’s The Dead Weather. There is nothing so fine as a righteous blast of rock and roll energy, a white-hot mainline that shakes your body into action. The Dirty Earth don’t just write songs, they weave tales about the brutal realities of life and songs like Red Witch, Cruel World, Free Bird and Eternity marry clever lyrics with stellar music that takes you on an evocative journey. Bed of Nails is the album’s rock anthem with the final track, So Long Sucker, providing a rare glimpse into the band’s take on punk rock. [pullquote]”Mandy Newton’s powerful vocals are a strong differentiator and many will use the Baby Animals as a reference point.” The Barman, i94 Bar[/pullquote]  The Dirty Earth have taken a step forward with ‘Ascendancy’, showcasing their unique brand of rock’n’roll and strong musicianship. Cohesive production ensures the listener of a 45-minute sonic journey.

ASCENDANCY is released February 26 through MGM on CD and Digital. 

Album Launch this Saturday 27th February @ The Townie, Newtown

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