Scene News: The Casanovas new album ‘Backseat Rhythms’ out today, album launch announced!

The Casanovas – The Lover (Official Audio)
“The Casanovas’ AC/DC-infused sound is keeping the tradition of Aussie rock alive.” – Joe Matera ***

Melbourne’s rock’n’roll kings The Casanovas today release their fifth album, Backseat Rhythms, on Rubber Records.

Backseat Rhythms was mixed by legendary US producer Ron Nevison – a man who made his mark working on an engineer on The Who’s Quadrophenia, Bad Company‘s debut and Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti before going onto produce Thin Lizzy, UFO and Kiss amongst others.

The album is classic Casanovas; a pure distillation of the riff-heavy and melodic ’70s hard rock that they love, bottled into the aural equivalent of one of those minibar miniatures that always leaves you wanting more.

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Backseat Rhythms follows the band’s 2020 album Reptilian Overlord, which got the best reviews of the band’s career, and a rapturously received European tour in October 2022. That tour came nearly 20 years to the month since they first toured Europe with The Datsuns, and took in 15 shows across Spain, France, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany (including a performance on the legendary Rockpalast!).  

The new album is the first to feature new drummer Brett “Wolfie” Wolfenden who joined in time to tour the last album and who has previously played with The Pictures, legendary Masters Apprentices frontman Jim Keays and Todd RundgrenWolfie, who has joined frontman/guitarist Tommy Boyce and longtime bass player Damo Campbell, is helping The Casanovastake their sound to new levels.

The Casanovas will launch Backseat Rhythms at the Espy Gershwin Room in St Kilda on Friday, 13 October 2023 with guests The Stripp. Tickets on sale now.

“It’s like they’ve captured all my favourite rock acts – Cheap Trick, Stones, Kiss, ZZ Top & AC/DC, and crammed them all into their own jar of Vegemite.” – James Young (owner of the world famous Cherry Bar)

The Casanovas – When You Want Something From Me (Official Audio)
“’The Casanovas are at their best when they’re just joyously rocking out, and ‘Reptilian Overlord’ is filled to the brim: “Cold Day in Hell”, “Stand Back” and the supremely rocking “Red Hot” are simply parties looking for a place to happen, and that place should be the cars and living rooms of anyone who needs to something kick-ass right now.”  8/10 – Loud“Summing up: wonderful songs, wonderful songwriters, wonderful band. Hopefully when the world gets back to its normal self, we can go watch them rock the fuck out. The Casanovas will be a priority for me, and I want to hear these songs live.” 5/5 – I94 Bar

“With ‘Reptilian Overload’, The Casanovas sign off on their best album, a concentrate of hard rock with a sublime heavy touch! The Australian tradition continues!”  5/5 – United Rock Nations, France

“You can compare The Casanovas with bands like AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Airbourne, a little bit of Kiss or the Stones. Ass-kicking Hard Rock with a light Glam / Sleaze note – sometimes hot and sometimes bluesy.” 8/10 – Rock Garage, Germany

The Casanovas formed in 1999 and got caught up in the early 21st-century rock mania, sharing a bill with a barely known White Stripes early on before touring Europe with The Datsuns. Then came SXSWTriple J rotation, The Big Day Out, and shows/tours with MotörheadMötley CrüeThe DarknessThe Living EndThe Black CrowesRedd Kross, Airbourne and others. They always had deeper roots though; they were as much The Powder Monkeys as AC/DC, and very much a merging of two great local traditions – hard rocking punk and larrikin Oz rock – so they naturally stuck to their guns when rock was no longer in fashion. These days it’s like the early days at the Tote all over, and with new drummer Brett Wolfenden on board (Wolfie is a longtime sideman of You Am I’s Davey Lane and has played with Jim Keays and Todd Rundgren), joining frontman/guitarist Tommy Boyce and longtime bass player Damo Campbell, they are finding an even greater joy in playing.


Order Backseat Rhythms here
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Backseat Rhythms album launch – The Espy Gershwin Room, St Kilda, Friday, 13 October 2023 with guests The Stripp. Ticketson sale now.