Scene News: The Bon Scotts – hear the ADULTS ONLY version of Good Times

Wicked hooks, booming drums, big bad-ass brass, sometimes surprising instrumentation, catchy, sing-along songs with a noticeable pop-smart vibe & an amazing live show are all at the very heart of The Bon Scotts’ ethos. Heralded with being right at the frontline of the folk revival when they burst onto the scene back in 2010, The Bon Scotts have forged an enviable rep for absorbing traditional folk while simultaneously turning it inside out, upside-down & back to front.

Here’s the ADULTS ONLY version of Good Times:

October 2015 sees the release of “Good Times”, the 1st single from The Bon Scotts’ next album, slated for release in early 2016. The single is a summer party anthem. It has the right hooks, the right musical formula and the ability to compel you want to dance and shout along. On the surface, it is a near-perfect alt folk pop crossover hit. But, as with all great songs, underneath that shiny surface there is much more going on.

There is a meaning and purpose here that informs those outwardly carefree lyrics, transforming it into something more powerful, memorable and important. Written days after finding out a childhood friend was murdered, “Good Times” is about the brilliance of friendship and where bad decisions can take you. The song is an invitation to us all to enjoy life to the full, while also giving a gentle reminder to never take those moments for granted.

Buy! The Bon Scotts’ bandcamp.

See! The BON SCOTTS live on their East Coast tour:

Remaining dates:

Sat 7 Nov  Sooki Lounge, Belgrave VIC
Sun 8 Nov Beav’s Bar, Geelong VIC
Fri 27 Nov The Homestead, Hobart TAS
Sat 28 Nov The Royal Oak, Launceston TAS


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