Scene News: The Bacchanales release ‘Sandcastles’ single

Brisbane 4-piece rock outfit The Bacchanales have been very busy for the past year, growing a dedicated fanbase on the streets of Brisbane with their heavy and groove-laden 90-style rock. Since the release of their debut EP in 2014 they have been lucky enough to play with Holy Holy, Bad Dreems, Harts and The Belligerents, and now they are ready to release the first single from their forthcoming sophomore EP.

The new single “Sandcastles” showcases a new maturity of songwriting and arrangement for the band, with an intimate vocal that ends up soaring atop an unbreakable backbone of groove. It all gracefully intertwines into a reflective, heartfelt ballad on memory and loss. But if it leaves you wanting more, just know this: this single is actually just a snippet of the full 9 minute arrangement available on the EP.

The Bacchanales will be playing The Elephant’s Queens Birthday celebration on Sunday 7th June alongside The Medics and Babaganouj.

Artist: The Bacchanales
Title: Sandcastles
Format: Single / Digital
Release: Friday 22nd May 2015
Label: Independent
Location: Brisbane QLD

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