Scene News: Swipe Right

Swipe Right to provide voyeuristic insight into the hilarious world of modern love and (mis)communication.

An old man and a 17 year old girl meet on a park bench and try to communicate about love, romance and dating. Their notes, perspectives and experiences do not correlate. The man doesn’t own a smart phone, let alone have any idea what “a tinder” is. The girl can’t contemplate the letter-writing and day-long walks to a lover. These are but two tiny players in Swipe Right, a brand new, character-filled sketch comedy opening at The Butterfly Club on July 15.

Spear-headed by Melbourne theatre stalwart, Director Jessie Oliver, the production features stellar performances by Cam Faull, Lynn Hagele, Ben Watts and Constance Washington. Each actor plays a central character who is navigating the mad journey of finding love in the 21stcentury. They also play a swag of other characters, ranging from the mildly crazy to the downright bizarre.

The creation of Swipe Right has evolved wonderfully,” says Oliver, “watching this incredible cast’s mastery of improvisation and character making resulting in a truly unique and hilarious production”.

Swipe Right reunites the creative team behind Pick-Ups, which sold out two seasons at The Butterfly Club and is still remembered fondly. The new production is the logical next step, dedicated to finding the hilarious truth behind communication, love and dating in the modern era.

Swipe Right opens on the 15th of July and runs for 5 nights. Given their history, bookings are highly recommended.



Show Details: Swipe Right

Date: 15th-19th of July

Time: 7pm (Wed-Sat) 6.30pm(Sun)

Cost: $25-32, ($20 Wed Preview)

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne 3000

Ticket link:

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