Scene News: Suzannah Espie releases new album ‘Mothers Not Feeling Herself Today’

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Suzannah Espie has been casting spells over audiences across the globe since she first took to the stage with her alt-country pop band GIT in 1997. A woman of compelling beauty — statuesque, with piercing blue eyes framed by golden curls — Suzannah has a voice to match, an intoxicating mix of country, soul, blues and pop.

On 4 September she releases her fourth solo LP ‘Mothers Not Feeling Herself Today’. The music and tone of the new album reflect the rollercoaster ride Espie experienced navigating the emotional rift she felt as an artist when she became a mother. Some songs are quiet, still and abound with intimacy, while others overflow with emotional intensity, carried along by lush string arrangements provided by singer-songwriter Georgia Fields.

The new release follows the huge success of first single ‘I’m Sorry’ which was launched to sell out audiences in Sydney and Melbourne in July. “The moving song is very intimate… exemplified by the shiver-inducing voices of the 13 women choir Espie enlisted for the song.” (The Music).

Recorded at Enclave Facility in Fawkner with engineer Jeff Lang at the helm, Espie enlisted her band ‘The Last Word’ featuring Andrew Ogburn, Sean McMahon, Chris Rogers and Dave Folley to add their trademark soul, depth and charm to the recording. “Beautifully crafted songs, incredibly measured and honest, uncluttered by subtle instrumentation that honour the song.” (Shane O’Mara)

Offering an honest expose into her experience of post-natal guilt, failure and fear, Suzannah writes “I realised that every day of my life was a fight with my darkest thoughts. I couldn’t go out into the world without feeling people were seeing me as a failure as a mother. I did my best to keep a lid on it in public, behind closed doors it was released in the form of anger. Why I never confessed those feelings to anybody I am just now beginning to understand, things may have been very different if I had. And, as always, but particularly this time around, the generosity with which my musical peers banded around me to help me realise my vision is astounding. No matter what, I would be much less satisfied in this world as a mother without music.”

Suzannah’s breakthrough 2012 country-soul-blues-pop record ‘Sea of Lights’ was ranked in The Age EGs Top 15 Albums of 2012, won Rhythms Magazine’s ‘Album of the Year’, also scoring the prestigious Nani award from 3RRR’s Banana Lounge Broadcasters. In 2013 she joined an honour role of Australian musicians including John Butler and Archie Roach to win Port Fairy Folk Music Festival Maton Artist of The Year, and in 2008 she was named the MBAS Blues Performer of the Year.

‘Mothers Not Feeling Herself Today’ is out 4 September via Vitamin Records. Suzannah Espie will tour the new album nationally throughout Oct – Nov. Tour announcement and new video out Friday 18 September.

“There aren’t too many songwriters able to match meaning with melody as well as Suzannah Espie.” (Charles Jenkins)

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