Scene News: Support Dallas Crane’s new album ‘Scoundrels’ on PledgeMusic

Dallas Crane are back with a brand new album. In order afford to put the show on the road they’ve created a pledge music campaign for their new album. Exclusive items available include DC trucker caps, signed CDs, vinyl, as well as rare items like limited edition signed tour posters and an InPress mag with the boys on the cover. Go and support them.

From the page:

dallas crane scoundrelsDear Dallas Fans,

It’s with extreme pleasure that we can officially announce that the WAIT IS FINALLY OVER and that our brand new album ‘Scoundrels’ is upon us!

None of this would have ever been possible without the amazing support you guys have shown us along the way, and we want to make sure that inviting you to take part in getting this off the ground that we give you plenty of reason to get excited.

Take a look around and see some of the awesome incentives we have on offer,
so we can get this baby out, and put the Dallas Crane rock ’n roll roadshow back on the Australian highways where it ought to be!

Thank you all immensely in advance.

Your mates,

Dallas Crane.
Pete, Dave, Chops and Steve.

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