Scene News: Son of a Bitch – Melbourne Fringe

Son Of A Bitch: Emerging comic has Melbourne Fringe show hijacked by overbearing audience member (his mother).

In what could be the strangest example of audience heckling in 2018, comedian Felix Castaner (22) has capitulated, allowing his own mother to hijack his Melbourne Fringe premiere. Castaner suggests that he merely “asked for a ride so I could afford some beers instead of paying for an
uber” when his mother “jumped up onto stage in the middle of my tight five and started trying her own material…”.

*Son of a Bitch* is one of the stranger offerings of this years Melbourne
Fringe, featuring an actual mother and son going through the oddly meta
task of putting together a Melbourne Fringe production about a mother and

Felix says “*Eventually I gave in and agreed to do my first Fringe show
with my mum. Why not? Most guys would be embarrassed but I`m not, like,
gonna be excluding someone just because she`s old. Or because she is
overbearing. Or because she threatened to kick me out. So I guess my first
show is now OUR first show now…”. *He shifts uncomfortably while looking
into the middle distance, then finishes with “*which is cool…”.*

Helen Breier cuts in, stating that “*I’m no stage Mum, but Felix was
planning a show that was all about him, which is so typical of his
generation: self-absorbed*. *I feel like my presence has broadened the
show’s appeal to baby boomers as well, who can actually afford to go to the
theatre. He’s still totally in control though,” *she ventures, “*though I’m
firmly suggesting he changes the title”.*

Outside of their dubious theatrical choices, Felix and Helen have both been
employee of the month in their respective fields of bartender and
stockbroker. Their frankly surprisingly brilliant Melbourne Fringe show
opens at The Butterfly Club on the 10th of September and runs for 6 nights.
Bookings recommended.

*Show Details: Son Of A Bitch*

Dates: 10th-16th of September, 2018

Time: 5.30pm (60 mins)

Cost: $25-34

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne