Scene News: Snail Mail by Michelle Mackintosh

Rediscover the art and craft of handmade correspondence

Snail Mail In a world of 140-character limits, oversharing and text-speak, are we losing the ability to really communicate with our loved ones? There was a time when our communications were imbued with emotions and personal touches. With so many ways to communicate instantaneously the gift of letter writing is becoming a lost art. Snail Mail is here to bring back handwritten communication in one beautifully illustrated and perfectly proper little package.

Snail Mail celebrates that time when we wrote letters to express our thanks, honour our victories, convey our condolences, forward our congratulations and of course proclaim our love and admiration. It takes us back to a time when letters required a little thought effort and time to create the perfect turn of phrase, that prompt the recipient place it in a beautiful box as a treasured keepsake.

Inspired by Japanese stationery and letter-writing culture, Michelle Mackintosh reveals the charm of the handwritten letter, personalised parcels and handcrafted stationery, as well as showing us how to add a little of this flair to our digital communications.  Teaching us to get the most from our post, Mackintosh shows us how we can improve our handwriting, craft the perfect letter and the lost art of manners; make our own paper, envelopes, wax seals and pressed flowers; put together care packages for loved ones who need a bit of TLC; romance someone the old-school way; and craft beautiful mail art for any occasion.

Full of beautiful illustrations to inspire, with handy step-by-step graphics, Snail Mail will have readers feeling the romance of a handwritten letter in no time!


About the Author:Michelle

Michelle Mackintosh is a book designer and illustrator with a passion for mixing up the discarded with the new, collaging vintage, cute and modern aesthetics into something totally unique. She has designed dozens of books on a wide range of topics, from cookbooks and craft to city guides and diaries. She has illustrated six books written by her husband Steve Wide, and has worked on books for authors as diverse as Beci Orpin, Antonia Kidman, Margaret Fulton, Stephanie Meyer, and John Marsden, to name a few. She is also the co-author of the upcoming Tokyo Precincts.

Snail Mail is released through Hardie Grant Books.