Scene News: Shepparton Airplane Announce New Album ‘Almurta’

Wing Sing Records announces the release of Almurta, the second album by Melbourne band Shepparton Airplane. Due out June 1, Almurta follows up the band’s 2016 self-titled debut and serves up another frenetic blend of jagged melody, pithy punk rock discourse and screaming feedback. Featuring past and present members of The Peep Tempel, Graveyard Train and Tankerville, Shepparton Airplane’s post-punk is delivered with an unparalleled punk rock pedigree.Almurta is driven by the dual guitars of Matt Duffy and Ezra Dowling and powered by the rhythm section — familiar to fans of The Peep Tempel — of Steven Carter on drums and Stewart Rayner on bass guitar.

The record perfectly captures the balance of the band’s abrasive post-punk guitar sound, pounding rhythm section and highlights — without any fear — their craft of writing songs laden with memorable pop hooks.On creating their sophomore album, drummer Steven Carter explains, “before recording this album we didn’t have a lot of time to spend together because of other band commitments. Our approach to recording Almurta was not too dissimilar to our first album, it’s really intense, we channel our creative spirits and it’s then just a matter of trying to control it while it’s happening.”

To record the album, the band skipped the studio and headed to regional Victoria to record on a farm in Almurta. The album was recorded and mixed by the band’s guitarist and Melbourne-based engineer Matt Duffy. Steven recalls, “we set up on the farm to record with Matt and his studio gear over four days. We transformed the shed into a recording space, using hay bales to construct sound-absorbing baffles. It worked really well, we managed to create what I think is a very dark album with a lot of sparkle and undertones, but with an overall warm sound.

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