Scene News: US rock band Shaman’s Harvest announce new album, Red Hands Black Deeds.

Shaman’s Harvest have announced the world-wide release of their new album RED HANDS BLACK DEEDS on July 28 via Mascot Records.

Their 6th studio album sees Shaman’s Harvest move into new territory.  Sonically, there’s an emphasis on using organic sounds and analogue vintage gear.  Thematically, the band tackles the current political, social, and economic struggles the USA is facing as a nation under the new administration.  Written during the 2016 presidential election cycle, there is a is a darker, visceral, and more layered sound permeating throughout.

Red Hands Black Deeds touches upon the darker nature inside all of us,” says singer Nathan Hunt.


Shaman’s Harvest began writing their new album RED HANDS BLACK DEEDS in November 2016 at the time of the US presidential election, so it’s no wonder there are social and political undertones to many of the songs. “The tension in the record kind of speaks for itself. There’s a dark anxiety, tension-filled feeling that reflects what’s going on in the world,” says rhythm guitarist Josh Hamler.

Lyrically, the band ventured into new territory, taking on the current political, social, and economic struggles the USA is facing as a nation under the new administration. Red Hands Black Deeds touches upon the darker nature inside all of us,” says singer Nathan Hunt. “The whole record has a contrast and push and pull tension – a juxtaposition of good and bad or questioning what is right and wrong. The record ended up having a concept, though we weren’t intending it to.”

Sonically – the band also moved in new directions with the assistance of producer Keith Armstrong.  The use of organic sounds, as well as vintage analogue gear, is a huge step for the band — which includes singer Hunt, rhythm guitarist Hamler, bassist Matt Fisher, lead guitarist Derrick Shipp, & drummer Adam Zemanek. “We didn’t want to use anything digital. So to get certain effects, we made stuff. For instance, we used an old rotary telephone implanted into microphones for the outro of “Scavengers.” Keith helped us think outside the box,” says Fisher.

Adds Hamler, “We had been so stuck in our way of writing and recording, but Keith had a different, more interesting approach to coming up with that sound. He really helped us find a fresh new creative path.”

It’s no happenstance that the band was drawn to Armstrong to produce. Known for his treasure trove of analogue and vintage gear, Shaman’s Harvest decidedly wanted a more organic, analogue sound for their sixth record.  Hunt comments, “This is the first record that we went with this approach. It was kind of like trying to find the melting point between Midwest and L.A. It still has the Shaman’s Harvest Midwest vibe to it, but it definitely has organic L.A. written all over it.”

The result is a darker, visceral, and more layered sound, ranging from the ominous, haunting vibes of the title track prelude, “A Longer View,” “The Devil In Our Wake,” and “Scavengers” – which could fit just as easily on a horror film soundtrack as it does on this rock band’s album – to quieter, more vulnerable moments as heard on “Tusk and Bone” and “Long Way Home.”




  1. Red Hands Black Deeds (Prelude)
  2. Broken Ones
  3. The Come Up
  4. A Longer View
  5. Soul Crusher
  6. Off The Tracks
  7. Long Way Home
  8. The Devil In Our Wake
  9. Blood Trophies
  10. So Long
  11. Tusk And Bone
  12. Scavengers

Release Date: July 28, 2017

Available formats: Red LP +MP3, CD and Digital

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Shaman’s Harvest Photo by Adrienne Beacco L to R – rhythm guitarist Josh Hamler, lead guitarist Derrick Shipp, bassist Matt Fisher, singer Nathan Hunt, drummer Adam Zemanek.








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