Scene News: Sex, Drugs, Rock’N’Roll Pop-Up Shop Sale

Sex, Drugs, Rock’N’Roll Pop-Up Shop Sale – Late March – Early May @ The Former Polyester Bookstore, 330 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

He’s BACK!!!!!!

For thirty years he was arrested, banned, censored, raided and had the born-agains and thought police harass the hell out of him, but Melbourne music, books and radio identity Dr.Gonzo outlasted them all….and NOW…he’s back!! Gonzo’s original shop Polyester Books was an institution, a one stop shop for all the weird and wonderful. It was the bastion of free speech and it sold all things naughty, sexy, outrageous, disgusting, depraved, instructive, even illegal occasionally, but ultimately ALWAYS FUN, for 30 years

Sadly, PolyEster Books, which Gonzo sold 6 years ago, has met the same fate of many independent bookshops, recently disappearing in a haze several weeks ago, no doubt to the delight of the Fred Niles, Cori Beranadis, Eric Abetz’s and George Christensens of this world.

BUT NOW, Dr.Gonzo has opened a pop-up, or really, a pop-down store, “SEX, DRUGS, ROCK’N’ROLL” in the old premises of PolyEster Books to offer a gigantic range of rare and unusual books, records, CDs, memorabilia, and art, much of it from his own huge personal collection, at cheap prices, with many items discounted a further 20%.

Several equally manic collectors, including ex-AuGoGo maestro, indie label head honcho and former owner of The Tote Hotel Bruce Milne, are also contributing to Dr.Gonzo’s pop-down store by offering their own totally rare items for sale there – lots of weird collectables and paraphernalia including a complete collection of books about Charles Manson, a real working vintage Drive-In Movie car window speaker, an Astro Boy model kit, original Tiki and Playboy mugs, and a copy of The Naked Soul of Iceberg Slim for all of five bucks!

Gonzo’s offer also includes books on every outlawed subject possible, serial killer art painted by John Wayne Gacy, vintage “High Times” magazines, Neil Young’s “Eldorado” EP, Frank Zappa’s “Old Masters vol 1 & 2” box sets, sexy adult comics, 70’s and 80’s soft core porn, dozens of Aussie and international LPS from the same era, limited edition CDs and DVDs not available anywhere else, and only in Melbourne’s first, and still the greatest, punk rock bookshop.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your hands on a bunch of previously illegal (and maybe still are) books, records, comics, DVDs, CDs, and memorabilia that will NEVER BE OFFERED AGAIN in one spot. Tell a friend, bring a friend, make a friend, or share a friend, but get in fast – when they are gone, they’re gone forever! Wrapping things up on May 1st there will be a ex) PolyEster pop-down / up shop party with DJs Bruce Milne (3RRR) and Dr Gonzo (3CR) during the ‘Brunswick St All Out’ festival from 10am – 6pm.

The SEX, DRUGS, ROCK’N’ROLL Pop-down store will remain open from 11am to 6pm, maybe earlier, maybe later, 7 days a week until early May or until the shelves are picked clean. PolyEster Books, 330 Brunswick St. Fitzroy.


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