Scene News: RUFINO & THE COCONUTS – shows this week AND new songs

Sydney Town’s Rufino and the Coconuts really just can’t decide: Are they the good guys, or the bad guys? The smooth movers or the rough around the edges types? The Voodoo rockers or the Caribbean crooners. They’ve concluded they’re both – and have put it all together on one single. Well, one single with 2 songs, an old time, good time double A-side single!

Side A. is Coco Macaquea stomping cautionary tale that takes its origins from the history of the Haitian Vodou implement of its title.
“…It is a stick, which is supposed to be able to walk on its own. The owner of a coco macaque can send it on errands. If it is used to hit an enemy, the enemy will die before the dawn” – Haitian Vodou Mythology
Musically it flourishes from similar big bad musical seeds as the Black Keys, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Ian Drury. Lyrically it tells the rapid fire story of man who crosses his brother – only to find that retribution comes in the form of a flying stick with otherworldly powers!!

Side AA. is Evening Star, a good time tropical ocean cruising number about the Coconuts days as, ahem, freelance sea traderson their boat The Evening Star. The spirit of Caribbean Sea ports from Jamaica to Grenada gets a name check as the ebb and flow of the song takes us out on the water in a tribute to ocean going freedom and tranquillity. Happy daze!

Rufino, known best as the Catalan Casanova crooner of Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen, has set sail on an incredible solo voyage. Troubled winds, a mutinous crew and a wrecked boat have thrown him on a new and treacherous course into the dark heart of the tropics. There – by chance or destiny – he has found a new band of misfits, troubled geniuses and ne’er do wells in the fertile rhythm-rich jungles – forming Rufino and the Coconuts.

Since 2013, Rufino and the Coconutshave toured and performed special concert shows including the 2015 Sydney Festival, the 2013 Lorne Festival of the Arts, as part of 2018 Vivid Sydney, as well as their regular packed shows up and down the eastern seaboard in rock venues, spiegeltents, town halls, bowling clubs and fishing shacks.

‘…no words can completely describe the theatrical performance that awaits you!’
– The Canberra Times
‘Rufino and the Coconuts – Voodoo Pop… just the right elements to make you feel as if you were shipwrecked on a lush tropical island’
– Amy Basha, Weekend Notes Mag

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