Scene News: Rowena Corner Store, Richmond – 60th Anniversary Foothpath Fiesta – Saturday 26th September

Rowena Corner Store, a Richmond icon of delicious food, great coffee and sensational milkshakes, is celebrating her 60th birthday on Saturday November 26th with a special ‘footpath fiesta’. As one of Richmond’s longest running businesses Rowena Corner Store stands proudly as a story of survival, reinvention and reinvigoration.

WHEN:   Saturday 26th November

FROM:   1pm – 5pm.

WHERE: Rowena Corner Store, 44 Rowena Parade Richmond


Over 300 patrons, family, friends of the Rowena Corner Store are expected to attend the 60 year celebration.

1pm:                      Footpath Fiesta officially open.  Mouth-watering traditional Greek delicacies including 3 Spits are roasting, drinks being served.

1:30-2:15pm:     Aria Award Winning The HaBiBis will perform much loved traditional Greek music .

1:30pm:                The lamb, beef and chicken spits to be carved and served.  Souvlaki, salads and dips are also available.

3:30pm:                Retro Party Music and more food and guests can hydrate with Rowena Corner Store’s own home made sodas.

4pm:                      Speech and cake and coffee time!

Free face painting and milkshakes for kids all day


Free entry but tickets are limited! Tickets from: and head to events when on the page.

The Rowena Corner Store will be open for trading on Saturday from 8am – 12 noon.



As one of Richmond’s longest running businesses Rowena Corner Store stands proudly as a story of survival, reinvention and reinvigoration. In 1956, whilst Melbourne geared up as the home of the Olympics, Rowena opened her doors to a bustling suburb of industry and immigrants. Joining a local strip of two milk bars, a green grocer, a butcher, a dry cleaner and various other stores, the Rowena Corner Store became the central hub of a village square, servicing the local community with everyday items such as food, lollies & milkshakes. She welcomed kids on their way to school, parents seeking lunch for work, and footy crowds looking for half-time snacks and drinks.

With surrounding shops disappearing under the retail monoculture of the 80’s & 90’s, Rowena stayed firm – but a little worse for wear. By 2000, after almost half a century of service the old girl was in need of some serious TLC. A ground-up renovation and the modern era of the store began. Whilst holding true to its milkbar roots the new Rowena – under the guidance of current owner Con Coustas – focused on wholesome fare, quickly becoming a favourite food destination amongst locals and visitors alike.

“Whilst the whole world seemed to be speeding up around us, we realised the point was to slow down,” says Coustas. “Remaking Rowena was about going back to what people really value. And we’ve seen that in our community more generally – people returning to slow food, fresh produce and places where they can connect with their community and each other. That’s what people value, and that’s the role Rowena serves.”

Rowena will be celebrating her 60th in style kicking off with a  ‘footpath fiesta’ – in Coustas’ words, “We’re spilling Rowena onto the street to say thanks to a special community in true Greek style

During the week celebrations continue with free munchkin Milkshakes for kids (under 10 years old) and a “buy one get one free” offer on our classic milkshake range. (until the 3rd December)

Entry to Rowena’s 60th Birthday Footpath Fiesta is free, however numbers are limited – you’ll need to secure a ticket to attend via our Facebook page.

Rowena Corner Store brings a touch of the Mediterranean to inner city Melbourne and serves it with a dash of soul.

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