Scene News: Reservoir Stomp – Sun 22 Oct at Preston-Reservoir Bowls Club

Reservoir is daggy. That’s why we love it. It’s one of the few Melbourne suburbs that still oozes character and charm. Out here, there are more balustrades and breeze blocks than you can poke a stick at. Out here, concrete lawns reign supreme. And if you stroll around the streets, people say hello.

The developers may have started to demolish it, but there’s one thing they’ll never be able to tear down, and that’s the uniting community spirit. From newcomers to old-timers spanning a mind-boggling range of cultures, “Reservoirians” are a proud bunch. And, as last year’s sold-out inaugural Reservoir Stomp demonstrated, there’s a lot of love for postcode 3073. There’s a lot of talent about too. Which is why on Sunday 22 October the Reservoir Stomp is back at the Preston-Reservoir Bowls Club to celebrate all that the suburb has to offer.

Reservoir’s finest exponents of funk, disco, indie rock, comedy, country rock and salsa will take to the stage alongside upcoming stars of hip-hop dance, and r&b. There’ll be barefoot bowls and local food vendors. Topping it off, the Stomp will host Reservoir’s first ever local talent quest Rez Faces – giving aspiring performers the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of a live audience and celebrity judges.

Rez Faces Elimination Round is happening on Sunday 1 October at End of the Line Bar. Bands, dancers, magicians, comedians, ventriloquists, barbershop quartets – this is your time to shine! Applications are now open! The Elimination Round will be hosted by Emma Peel (PBSFM broadcaster/co-curator of the Reservoir Stomp) and judged by:

Nelly Thomas

One of Australia’s most natural comedians, Nelly is an award winning performer. ABC Radio National regular guest and a columnist for New Matilda, in 2003 she won the Triple J Raw Comedy Competition. She’s been on the telly heaps and toured the world performing at hundreds of festival.

Cat Canteri

Singer songwriter and drummer, Cat has released three critically acclaimed albums with The Stillsons, their second being Double J, ABC Radio and PBS’s Album of the Week. Her 2016 solo album, enjoyed high rotation across BBC Radio network as well as Australia. She’s a key member Kutcha Edwards’ band and part of the Americana music scene in Melbourne.

Danny Walsh

Country-rock singer songwriter Danny claims he was one of the first Melbourne musos to move ‘over Bell’. The Danny Walsh Banned have released two albums, with 2015’s the Dirt and the Sky receiving kudos from Beat, The Music, RRR-FM and Radio National. When he’s not playing music festivals around Victoria, he’s co-curating his own with his wife– the Reservoir Stomp.


Reservoir Stomp is part of the 2017 Darebin Music Feast

From midday, Sunday 22 October

Preston-Reservoir Bowls Club

Tickets $27 from 6 Sept via


Rez Faces Elimination Round

Sunday 1 October from 2pm

End of the Line Bar

To apply to perform, visit:

Applications close on 22 September


For more information go to :

Stomp Youbtube :


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