Scene News: RESD release No Oxygen

Languid, yearning and otherworldly; the songs of RESD’s acclaimed debut EP, No Oxygen, could soundtrack the ennui that comes after a relationship is over, the rapid acceleration of a barometer as a summer storm sweeps in over a bay or the silence before the first beams of light hit the horizon at dawn.

Created over a period of time in which he relinquished playing in bands in Sydney as the live scene started dying a slow and painful death, Sydney based producer and songwriter Paul Carpenter set to work in a home studio programming beats and textures on an iPad. A collection of songs that evokes the icy, baroque sounds of Radiohead circa Kid A, it even serves up a hint of the electronic dub palette and croon of James Blake. Others might find fleeting touches of the widescreen sonic brush of Icehouse and Four Tet.

Mixed by Michael Badger at Jaya Jaya Studios in Melbourne (The Demon Parade, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard) who also contributed backing vocals, the EP sees five tracks of deftly wrought eletro-guitartronica culled from an original 15 tunes, with all the beats, guitars, bass, synths and vocals recorded by Carpenter himself. He observes, ‘there were no real music influences while I was recording,

though I’ve always wanted to incorporate beats after hearing Radiohead’s Kid A and Amnesiac … Mostly I was kind of drawn to doing it.. It became therapy for what was a lonely, soul searching period in my life…I was just singing to the music I had written.’

More than just music, the EP comes fully formed; initial acoustic demos laid down over home sampled beats and synths and, giving a metronomic backbone to haunting vocals and ethereal guitarscapes.

Right from lead single ‘The Right Thing’ and ‘We Run’, the EP explores shimmering tropes of memory and loss in a soundtrack to the euphoria that comes from creating music amidst despair and longing.

RESD release ‘No Oxygen’ EP independently via iTunes, e-stores and streaming platforms worldwide on Friday 3rd February.

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