Scene News: Record Store Day, Melbourne, CBD 18th April 2015.

Collectors Corner

Record Store Day, now in its eighth year, happens on the third Saturday in April. The day showcases independent record stores around the world which feature exclusive releases, discounts, limited edition copies, along with some stores offering live music and refreshments. It’s a celebration of music, of similar minded folk buying a rare album they’ve been searching for, getting their hands on a limited edition copy of an album by lining up outside the store before opening hours, and enjoying live music on offer at some of the stores.

A trek around the CBD in Melbourne takes What’s My Scene to Wax Museum Records, Basement Discs and Collector’s Corner/Missing Link to check out what’s happening in each of these record stores.

Was Museum Records.
Was Museum Records.

The queue in Wax Museum Records spreads outside the door, whilst a DJ spins discs in front of the store in Campbell Arcade. Tracey McNeil and The Good Life are playing laid back tunes to a crowd of punters enjoying refreshments on offer at Basement Discs. and later Triple R’s Neil Rogers is awarding giveaways to punters answering music trivia questions. Music fans are scoring some well sought after vinyl at Collector’s Corner/Missing Link, including a limited edition, red vinyl, new pressing of  the late Rowland S Howard’s Pop Crimes. 

Basement Discs

I purchased my first album in the late 70’s from my then local record store in East Bentleigh  Eclipse Records which sadly no longer exists. It was The Best of Abba. In 1980 I discovered The Beatles cartoons on TV, and listening to their catchy pop tunes initiated my obsessive teenage love of The Beatles, and later Britpop. In the 1980’s as an older teen I frequented Central Station Records to buy  the latest dance 12″ singles, and tuned in religiously to Alan Rados’ now defunct Party Show, celebrating dance music, on Triple R. The 90’s meant going to gigs to see both local and international acts ceaselessly, along with buying records from Greville Records, and Au Go Go in Malvern. Many of the old record stores I used to frequent have since closed down. There used to be stores in every suburb. Of the stores mentioned Greville Records is the only one still standing, and going strong.

IMG_2970Record Store Day is a chance to celebrate music, make purchases and help support independent record stores, but don’t leave it for only one day of the year. Visit your local or favourite record store regularly, buy up and keep the independents alive.  Hear it from the retailers themselves;  Nicholas Simonsen from Collector’s Corner/Missing Link and Guy from Wax Museum Records talk to What’s My Scene about Record Store Day and what it means to them.

Nicholas Simonsen from Collector’s Corner/Missing Link

Guy from Wax Museum Records

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