Scene News: Radical Face releases SunnMoonnEclippse and announces Australian tour

Florida-born multi-instrumentalist RADICAL FACE (a.k.a. Ben Cooper) has his sights set on Australia and New Zealand for the first time ever this coming May and June!
For more than a decade, in a shed behind his mother’s house, Ben Cooper embarked on an unprecedented musical journey. He created the intricate concept album trilogy, ‘The Family Tree’, which revolves around a fictitious otherworldly 19th century family. The trilogy came to a close with the 2016 critically acclaimed, ‘The Family Tree: The Leaves’. The final instalment is the most personal of all the ‘Family Tree’ albums, as Cooper’s personal stories meld into fictitious ones.
“Cooper’s music has an emotional impact that is rare in this exhausted genre. 4/5 stars.” – Rolling Stone Australia “The most joyful piece of music you’ll hear all year.” – Pop Matters

Ben Cooper says:

I made the “SunnMoonEclippse” EP alongside my friend Gordon McBryde, while he was building the visuals.

It’s meant to be viewed as well as heard — I let the visuals affect the music, and vice-versa — so it’ll first exist as a website. Then it’ll move on to all the usual culprits, for just regular listening if you’re into the music. But it’s been really fun. Never done the two side-by-side like that. Usually visuals are a totally separate process.

Thematically the songs run in a complete loop, so it’s meant to be listened to and/or viewed as a complete circle drawing inspiration from the cycle of the rotation of the Sun and Moon.  This is the first group of songs I’ve recorded since wrapping up ‘The Family Tree’ project. To go from eight years of the same material to total freedom was pretty odd. I had no restrictions on how I produced it, or what I would talk about. I found myself just writing about where I’m at now, in my actual life, and not through characters or disguises. I’m producing the tracks entirely based on sounds that I like right now – drum samples from old records, pianos played with old mellotron master tapes, tracking vocals with almost-broken microphones.

And this is the first EP where none of the songs sound very similar. It’s felt both terribly freeing and a bit nervewracking. I welcome both things. I’m having fun in a way that I haven’t in a long time.

For more information, visit Radical Face and SunnMoonnEclippse


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