Scene News: The Pretty Things (UK) – a Psychedelic Extravaganza – Sat Oct 6 at the Thornbury Theatre

Special announcement – to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the album’s release, The Pretty Things will be performing their landmark Abbey Rd. psych classic, S. F. Sorrow on Saturday Oct 6th at the Thornbury Theatre, with special guests Sand Pebbles and The Electric Guitars. This is a one-off performance and should not be missed.

After 55 years of live performing, *The Pretty Things* – the iconic, 1st
wave R&B / psychedelic cult heroes, formed by *Ex-Rolling Stone* *Dick
Taylor* and singer *Phil May* – will retire from electric performances at
the end of this year when they play one final show in London on December 18
with special friends including Van Morrison and Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour.

Unbelievably, Australia has lucked out and will be witness to some of the
band’s *final performances*. And it may have taken them half a
century, but *The
Pretty Things* will be performing for the first time ever to Brisbane,
Adelaide, Geelong and Perth audiences. Of course, Sydney gets a show
(supported by Pretty Things fans *Tumbleweed*), and there’s three Melbourne
shows including a one-off performance of their landmark *Abbey Rd.* psych
classic, *S. F. Sorrow*.

It cannot be overstated the enormity of the impact *The Pretty Things* had
on the UK music scene when they burst upon it with the dirty garage 1, 2
punch of *Rosalyn* and *Don’t Bring Me Down*. Prettier than the Stones and
grittier than The Who, the band racked up a huge history of musical and
cultural “firsts” – the “longest hair in the world”, first ever rock and
roll drugs bust, most arrests of any band, first ever rock-opera, arrested
for discharging a sawn-off shotgun, first U.K. band to win Rolling Stone
Record of the Year – The Pretty Things are an indelible part of the fabric
of popular music and the social influence that it has created.

With such outstanding classics as *L.S.D**.*, *Midnight to Six Man *and one
of the wildest psychedelic singles ever released in *Defecting Grey*, *The
Pretty Things* proved a huge influence on artists as diverse as *David
Bowie* (who as a teen followed the band around religiously and later
covered two of the band’s singles), *The Ramones*, *The Sex Pistols*, *Radio
Birdman*, *Aerosmith*, *The White Stripes*, *The Saints*, *Iggy Pop*,
*Kasabian, Hoodoo Gurus, * and many, many more – all of whom site their outrageous
behaviour, incandescent stage performances and astonishing catalogue of
remarkable, ground-breaking recordings as fundamental in the creation of
their own work. The influence of the band’s pioneering psychedelic work can
be clearly heard in the work of contemporary groups like *King Gizzard &
The Lizard Wizard* and *Thee Oh Sees*.

It should be compulsory for anyone with the slightest interest in popular
music and the youth and social revolution of the 1960’s to see *The Pretty
Things* before they hang up their guns at the end of this year.

*The Pretty Things* are waving goodbye. Be there to wave back…….

Some other things we could mention about *The Pretty Things*:

*Dick Taylor* left *The Rolling Stones* to form the band with *Phil May*.

*S.F. Sorrow* was recorded at *Abbey Rd*. at the same time as *Sgt Pepper’s*
and *Pink Floyd’s Piper At The Gates Of Dawn* with production by *Norman

The band’s 1970 *Parachute* album was awarded *Rolling Stone* Magazine’s
first ever *Album of the Year*.

*The Pretty Things* were the first signing to *Led Zeppelin*’s label *Swan
Song* and their *Silk Torpedo* album predates Zep’s first release on their
own label, *Physical Graffiti*.

*The Pretty Things* were the first ever band to take their original labels
to court and win back their recording rights.

The band were banned from New Zealand after setting fire to a bag
containing a rotting crayfish, onboard a flight (as you do).

Original bass guitarist *John Stax* managed to escape with his sanity
intact by running off to live in… Australia.

*David Bowie* studied Phil May’s stagecraft assiduously and declared Phil
to be god.

The band was offered *Mr Tamborine Man* before *The Byrds* got hold of it –
they told their manager to fuck off.

Appeared at the infamous Alexander Palace *Technicolour Dream* event.

*Dave Gilmour* sites *Parachute* as an influence on *Dark Side Of The Moon*.

In 2009 *The Pretty Things* won the first ever *Mojo “Hero” award*.

*“The Pretty Things always made The Stones look tame.” **Dave Gilmour*

*“One of the greatest R&B bands of all time – real wild.” **Van Morrison*

*“The Pretty Things’ were the biggest influence on us…they invented
garage bands.” **Joey Ramone *

*“The Beatles” were cute, “The Stones” were students, but “The Pretty
Things” were plain frightening.” **John Peel *


Sat July 28 Shout At The Devil Au – Motley Crüe tribute
(Velvet Room)

Sun Aug 5 Johnny Lee Memphis – Absolute Elvis

Thu Aug 9 Albert Lee

Fri Sep 14 Michael Waugh & Rich J Davies

Sat Oct 6 The Pretty Things – A Psychedelic
Extravaganza –

with The Sand Pebbles and The Electric

For tickets visit


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