Scene News: PRETTY CITY release ‘Simone’ ahead of SXSW + European Tour dates and  announce sophomore album ‘Cancel The Future’

Melbourne’s Pretty City are soon bound for the wild vibes of Texas and SXSW but before the band departs, they’re leaving fans with a sneaky parting gift in new single, ‘Simone’.

Taken from the band’s forthcoming record Cancel the Future (out this March), ‘Simone’ is a strong starter for this new chapter of Pretty City’s sonic journey. Where their debut album ‘Colourize’ was unleashed, drenched in acid tinged flair back in 2016, ‘Simone’ sees the band swap a more introspective approach to songwriting for a glammed up, brash projection of music that Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie would be proud of.

A natural progression for Pretty City, a band who has thrived on having a melting pot of individual influences at their disposal, ‘Simone’ is a snapshot of the group’s present creative frame of mind. “It’s hard to pinpoint where we all meet musically, as there’s a lot of diverse musical tastes and training, yet we have been able to focus all of that into one sound that is unmistakably us.” – Johnny Rock, Pretty City

Built off a musical formula Pretty City know and have employed brilliantly in the past, ‘Simone’ is a girl you’ll definitely want to spend time with. Put one part catchy hook in with two parts driving guitar and percussion, finish off with a healthy dose of infectious vocal melody and you have ‘Simone’. Best enjoyed turned up loud.

‘Simone’ is out now. ‘Cancel The Future’ will be released March 23rd

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